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Packaging Valley is the area around Crailsheimand and Schwäbisch Hall. At the upcoming FachPack, 13 member companies of this area will display innovative machine systems and current technologies. This participation will help demonstrate the diverse technological skills and competence of the region in the domain of packaging systems.

The exhibitors include components suppliers, service companies and manufacturers of packaging machines. Kurt Engel, CEO of the Packaging Valley Association, said the regions’ booth concept places immense value on demonstrating the complete processing chain and presenting themselves as regionally connected, future-ready network in the packaging industry.

FachPack will also offer Packaging Valley a platform for promotion of the upcoming packaging conference next year called “Packaging Valley Days 2016”. At the same time, it will help showcase Packaging Valley’s new joint website as well.

At this new website, visitors will find all information about Packaging Valley and its members. In other words, they will get a chance to find the right supplier. This way, their visit to FachPack would be even more beneficial.

Attractions of the Packaging Valley Lounge for Visitors

Visitors to this Lounge would get to see the diverse portfolio of technical solutions and systems of all 13 participating companies, which are focused on offering greater efficiency.
HO-MA GmbH has developed the Clean-Design transport conveyor system that sets new benchmarks with respect to cleanability.

Visitors coming to the Lounge will get to take a closer look at it. This system comes equipped with components that facilitate quick and simple format changes for almost all sizes.

Cartoning machines manufacturer so-matec epple GmBH will exhibit the interchangeable Stellmax elements. These are flexible products that almost every machine can utilise.

At the Packaging Valley Lounge, Hohenloher -Verpackungs-Systeme GmbH will present their recently developed cartoning machines. These machines take the smallest space and yet cover a wide variety of outputs and formats.

By displaying their tremendous flexibility of applications, these machines are sure to fascinate the visitors.

Those looking for quick processing via integrated functions will find STAKO GmbH’s demonstration useful. This demonstration of completely automatic filling machines, coupled with labelling machines and transport systems, is another focus point of the Lounge.

To know more about Packaging Valley, you can take a look at the site.