Silica Gel

Valdamark Silica Gel solutions focus around the high performance range of sorbents designed and tested for the most demanding of projects in a cross section of industries.

Silica gel is a porous, granular, and transparent from of silicon dioxide that displays impressive water vapor retention ability.

In commercial and retail markets this can prevent the build up and growth of mold on products as well as other hazards that would lead to moisture damage like condensation.

Valdamark is the master distributor for Multisorb Filtration Group (formerly Multisorb Technologies) silica gel and desiccant products.

Solutions primarily focus on Multisorb’s active packaging approach. Here we take a holistic view of your project requirements to gain deep a understanding of what it is you are looking to achieve. The active packaging concept is designed to ensure drug product stay safe, effective, reaching the end user defect free and in factory condition.

You make the medicine whilst we preserve the efficacy

When it comes to the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors Multisorb products ‘best in class’, trusted by the worlds biggest logo’s.

When dealing in heavily regulated sectors it is essential for our clients that their products are optimally protected whilst conforming in full to their respective regulatory requirements.

Quality is built into the DNA of the Multisorb brand. Regular audits and host audits are conducted by customers themselves to ensure efficacy. Our scientific and R&D capabilities allow us to forecast and calculate the anticipated effects of moisture over time. Using a special isotherm developed by our scientists in house we can measure the exact absorption capacity for a drug substance within it’s specific package. This innovative technology allows our teams to determine the optimal equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) over a period of time and match the precise amount of sorbent for a given application.

Silica gel & lower total cost of ownership

When considering the total cost of ownership (TCO) for silica gel we like to emphasise the ‘value equation’ that surrounds the use of our products. Often the cheaper, less efficient products work out to be more expensive in the long term. We can help you decipher these costs and expenses allowing you to make an informed ‘figures led’ decision.

A brand held to a higher standard

Multisorb’s quality is second-to-none. Our clients are always reassured that our packaging solutions protect their products and conform to all regulatory requirements. Our regulatory affairs and compliance staff are well qualified experts who ensure our product solutions meet all the relevant regulatory requirements.

Our Silica Gel solutions are certified to –
ISO 9001:2015 Registered
GFSI FCCS 22000 Certified
21 CFR Parts 210-211 (cGMP) compliant
Certified for EU 10/2011 on food contact

They provide market leading protection for moisture sensitive products when being transported or stored.

Metal based products, retail goods, nutraceuticals, diagnostics equipment and electronics are all perfect for use in conjunction with Minipax Silica Gel Sachets and Desiccant products. However a product as versatile as this is constantly discovering new uses for itself.

Contact us with custom requirements like capsules or desiccant poles.

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