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Impulse Heat Sealers

Impulse Heat Sealers

Our Impulse Heat Sealers are available in a variety of designs and specifications.

We have impulse heats sealers suitable for sealing thermoplastic materials of all thicknesses and gauges.

Take a look at our full range of heat sealers for more information on selecting the correct unit.

We stock units from Audion and Hawo as well as our own brand devices.

Choose from either a hand held heat sealer for portability or a foot operated platform for ease of use.

Our hand sealers are ideal for sealing large or awkwardly sized objects. Alternatively consider one of the table top heat sealer units for maximum stability.

Most units are available with additional features like work tables and roll holders for efficiency and ease of use.

What Size Impulse Heat Sealers do you stock?

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