Impulse Heat Sealers

Impulse Heat Sealers

Our Impulse Heat Sealers are available in a variety of designs and specifications.

Our range of premium impulse sealer machines can seal a wide variety of thermoplastics films and materials.

Suitable for a variety of thicknesses and gauges all our heat sealers are premium Hawo machines that are built to last and seal consistently.

Which Impulse Sealers do you stock?

For those projects that require a hand held sealer machine the ISZ models are perfect for sealing work that requires a portable device to maneuver around large or awkwardly sized objects.

Where the stability of a table top sealer is required then a wide choice of both manual, semi-automatic and continuous band sealers are available to suit.

Manual impulse sealers require you to compress the bars onto the packaging itself to conduct the weld.

Semi-automatic impulse machines often feature a foot pedal operation to inititate the seal cycle. This contrubutes to both safety and speed as the operator is able to keep both hand free and position the packaging onto the bars safely.

In addition to options that enhance the efficiency of the machines like tables and rollers all our manual and semi-automatic impulse bag sealers feature a cutting knife allowing you to cut the film packaging to size and make your own bags.

Often those that require an impulse machine will need to maintain the seal integrity on a consistent basis. Clients operating in the life sciences sector will require a sealing machine that conforms to BS EN ISO 11607 sterile packaging validation testing requirements, of which have many platforms to choose from.

Where air extraction and/or gas purging is required we also have many customisable options for vacuum sealing and flushing.

Purchase online from stock or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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