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VCI Emitter

Daubrite 10 Emitter Disk

Daubrite® VCI emitter disks (or pads) are self-contained portable units that dispense Daubert Cromwells market leading corrosion inhibitors to protect metal surfaces from corrosion damage within an enclosed space.

Daubrite VCI emitter are available in a variety of sizes and deliveries. Each is dosed to give effective corrosion protection for a certain volume/ area of space.

VCI emitters have discovered many uses for themselves in asset preservation & protection. They provide a cost-effective hardware & infrastructure protection solution. Cabinets, control boxes, data storage towers, electrical components and restricted/awkward spaces generally can benefit from this convenient corrosion protection solution.

VCI emitters are safe to use with electronics and do not leave any residue.

For smaller enclosed spaces and areas consider the Daubrite VCI foam emitter pads each capable of protecting enclosed spaces up to 1 cubic foot (0.028m³) of enclosed space for up to 2 years. They are easy and safe to install as well as being very economical.

For larger areas consider the Daubrite 10 VCI emitter disk. This self-adhesive pad can protect areas up to 10ft³ for up to 2 years in dry conditions.

As well as enclosures and cabinets VCI Emitters are used as either primary or supplemental export packaging for manufactured goods travelling overseas.

Consider here the ActivPak VCI Emitter for powerful and fast acting corrosion protection during challenging overseas shipping. Capable of protecting metal parts against flash rust and long-term corrosion up to 35 ft³ (1 m³) for up to 2 years.

Cortec VPCI 101VPCI® emitters deliver an additional dose of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor formula for packages & enclosures of all sizes that require enhanced corrosion protection whilst being transported or stored.

The emitter disks or pads come in a variety of shapes, sizes and formats. By inserting one and sealing inside clients can ensure they are creating a protective, corrosion inhibiting atmosphere within the space.

For those extremely sensitive items that could be exposed to harsh outdoor climates. Or for those conducting outdoor storage packaging work in general, open yards, runways, ocean vessel freight etc.

By using a VPCI emitter you give your metal goods & assets greater security against corrosion damage.

Whether you are looking to use VCI emitters in order to protect output/manufactured goods. Or as a preservation measure for existing equipment assets, we have an emitter to suit.

VPCI® emitters are dosed according to the area/volume of space they need to protect. Often all that will be required is to place either 1 x Cortec VPCI 101 strip, 1 x Cor-Pak® tablet or 1 x 1-MUL pouch to protect an area 1 ft³ (28 litre) or less.

Other projects will call for a VPCI emitter disk or pad such as Cortec VPCI 105 or Cortec VPCI 111. These are perfect for non-ventilated control boxes, cabinets and toolboxes up to 5 ft³ (141.6 litres) & 11 ft³ (312 litres) respectively.

In other situations an EcoPouch or Bio-Pad roll in order to protect dozens of feet/mtr’s worth of space.

VPCI emitters work by releasing vapor phase corrosion inhibitors into the air. Once in a well-sealed or enclosed package/environment the VPCI formula migrates over to the metal surface that needs protecting. This then forms a protective shield over the surface protecting it from rust and corrosion.

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