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Cortec® VPCI 414 | Cleaner Degreaser | 400ml EcoAir® Aerosol Spray Cans & 19 ltr Drums

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Cortec VPCI® 414 is a water based, biodegradable cleaner degreaser. VPCI 414 cleaner degreaser is available in 400ml EcoAir® aerosol spray cans. Market leading heavy duty temporary coating remover, effective as a light grease remover, effective as a light oil remover.

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Technical data sheet in .pdf format


Technical data sheet in .pdf format


Cortec VPCI 414 is a water based, biodegradable cleaner degreaser that also removes temporary coatings such as Cosmoline™, Cortec VPCI 368, VPCI 388, VPCI 389 as well as non-silicone-based wax substances from metal and painted surface areas.

Cortec® VPCI 414 Features

  • Heavy duty temporary coating remover
  • Effective as a light grease remover
  • Effective as a light oil remover
  • Non-flammable
  • Can be used effectively at room temperature. This reduces the need for ‘energy consuming’ heating appliances. VPCI 414 can be used in a heated bath for the removal of heavy hydrocarbons and residual coatings.
  • Viscous liquid that bonds well to ceilings and vertical surface areas
  • Ready to use formulation
  • Effective when used at low concentrations
  • Continues working and providing corrosion protection even after parts have been cleaned
  • Can protect metal in solution as well as above the liquid line when on carbon steel.
  • Compatible with other flexible packaging products.

What metal can VPCI 414 cleaner degreaser protect?

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper & Brass <30% Zn)

At what Ratio should I dilute VPCI 414 cleaner degreaser?

For light cleaning we recommend 50ml of VPCI 414 per litre diluted. (5% dosage ratio)

For medium cleaning we recommend 100ml of VPCI per litre diluted. (10% dosage ratio)

For heavy cleaning we recommend 200ml of VPCI  per litre diluted. (20% dosage ratio)

When being used as a coating remover we recommend 600ml of VPCI per litre diluted. (60% dosage ratio)

Step By Step

This formula can be used to remove non-silicone-based waxes and coatings. Can be used as a light grease remover and light oil remover on soiled equipment.

  1. You can spray apply VPCI 414 either at full strength or as a diluted ratio mix. Spray applying is best! Immersion/dipping also when appropriate.
  2. The most optimal dilution ratio to achieve adequate and even coverage of wet film for vertical or under-hanging surfaces is 60/40. This is 60% 414 formula and 40% water.
  3. For larger scale projects and applications VPCI 414 is sprayable with an airless or ‘pump’ type sprayer. Dip tanks can also be used.
  4. Once applied let the product stand wet for 15 minutes approximately. Depending on the film thickness of the product to be remove, and the coating cure time. Reapplication may be necessary.
  5. To remove this product and the coating use a power washer set to the following settings. Pressure: 50 – 300 psi (3.4-21 bar)

Temperature: 115° – 160°F (46°-71°)

N.B. A pressure washer is not always necessary, often a common garden hose/nozzle will be sufficient.

  1. If the coating removed remains patchy or inconsistent, repeat step 1.


Cortec VPCI 414 cleaner degreaser is available in 400ml Cortec EcoAir® aerosol spray cans. VPCI 414 is also available in 5-gallon (19 litre) pails as well as 55-gallon (208 litre) drums. For bulk orders please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Store at a minimum temperature of 32°F (0°) and a maximum of 120°F (49°C)

Product shelf life is 2 years.

For more information on VPCI (Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) please take a look at our information section.

Cosmoline™ is a registered trademark of Houghton International, Inc.


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VPCI® 414 400ml Cans & 19ltr Drums

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