Band Sealer Machines

Valdamark Band Sealers and Continuous Band Sealers

Valdamark Direct is the leading provider of band sealer machines and continuous band sealers, offering a wide range that provide optimal protection for heat sealed goods during transport or storage.

Ideal for any mid to high volume packaging environment, different seal assembly lines from all sectors can benefit from the high speed sealing and consistent seal cycles of band sealing.

Similarly, a continuous bag sealer machine has a wide application, is wear resistant, and is designed to keep at a constant temperature so that sealing is consistent and correct each time.

Here at Valdamark, we’re dedicated to delivering industry-leading continuous band sealer machines and heat sealers for applications in a range of industries, including medical and manufacturing.

Band Sealer Machines

High-Performance Continuous Band Sealers

Once the temperature and conveyor speed have been set, the sealer can carry out packaging for long periods of time, boosting productivity in your production line. What’s more, different designs, such as the continuous horizontal band sealer and vertical band sealer, are able to better meet the requirements of the particular sealing work desired.

Whatever the purpose, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss which of our high-quality continuous band sealers and band sealer machines is suitable for your assembly line.

Our Complete Band Sealing Range

Choose The Right One

At Valdamark, we provide only the most reliable, effective machines and tough equipment with quick sealing speed. Additionally, all our machines satisfy the topmost quality and safety measures, adhering to ISO 14644-1 Clean Room Standards.

 Partnering up with the world’s leading brands, such as Hawo and Audion, we deliver a diverse range of specialist band machines and continuous sealers:

·         HPL 500 D/D-V – ideal in both industrial and healthcare settings, the microprocessor controlled rotary heat sealer by leading brand Hawo is available as a standalone machine or with a choice of options and modifications.

The optional conveyor with ultra-smooth rollers allows packaging to glide through seamlessly, while the adjustable table stand coverts the basic horizontal sealer into a vertical continuous sealer configuration.

And that’s not all: the larger V2A steel constructed floor stand is adjustable and allows for sealing tailored to the operator, with the optional RS 232 interface allowing external documentation systems to be connected.

Producing consistent and optimal sealing for sensitive goods that require the upmost care during both transport and storage, and featuring a validatable process in accordance with EN ISO 11607-2, the HPL 500 D-V is one of the best in the market.

·         The HM 850 DC-V and HM 950 DC-V NanoPak medical pouch heat sealer are suitable for projects where packaging must be sealed according to EN ISO 11607-1:2009, EN 868-4:2009 & EN 868-5:2009. These advanced machines are designed for the sealing of pouches and reels (SBS Sterile Barrier Systems) in hospitals (CSSD), medical or healthcare environment.

Features of the HM 950 DC-V NanoPak sealer include an easy to use, touch screen interface, USB data transfer, and reliable strength.

Common Continuous Band Sealer Machine Questions

Which Heat Sealer?

Band sealers and continuous sealing machines come in many different styles to suit your needs. Whether your company is looking for a horizontal or vertical band sealer, rotary heat sealer, or a medical pouch heat sealer, Valdamark provides a wide variety of tough equipment and reliable, user-friendly machines that are appropriate for industrial manufacturing and medical purposes.

Struggling to choose the right bag sealer to suit your needs? We are more than happy to help you find the best band bag sealer or continuous sealing machine for your company and industry.

How Does a Continuous Band Machine Work?

A bag or pouch is fed automatically or manually by the operator through the band sealer to be sealed by the machine before exiting out to the collection point.

Can a Band Sealer Print Labels or Embossed Codes on Plastic Bags / Pouches?

Yes, it is possible to integrate printing with a continuous band sealer to print the production date, print date, or logo simultaneously as the plastic bags or pouches are sealed. For example, the 950 DC-V NanoPak machine allows printing for both informational text and bar codes.

Using the printing application, the technology will automatically adjust the size of the packaging for you depending on the sealing width and sealing length.

What are Validatable Bag Sealers?

Some continuous band sealers can create validatable seals on bags or pouches in any clean-room or sterile packing environment to provide accurate management and control of temperature, pressure, sealing speed, and seal quality.  

Does Valdamark Calibrate Any Heat Sealers?

Yes, we offer an easy and convenient calibration service for all our medical heat sealers. Our maintenance and calibration services are fully compliant with BS EN 868-5 & ISO 11607-2 and we issue a fully traceable certificate confirming seal strength and integrity.

We are also flexible in delivering our services, as we understand that down time is a crucial consideration for clients who rely on their machine for continuous production.