VpCI® Coatings

With the need for capital asset protection never greater Cortec VpCI corrosion inhibitor coating formulas are ideal for either long term preservation storage, or ‘in operation’ protection of your valuable equipment assets.VpCI Corrosion Inhibitor Coatings

VpCI® (Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) technology is purpose built to protect assets and equipment either during operations, shutdown or storage. This sophisticated formula is compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can provide long term corrosion protection. VpCI works by forming a molecular barrier on the metal surface to protect against rust causing oxygen and electrolytes.

VpCI Corrosion Inhibitor Coating formulas can protect all types of equipment from small electronic components, to heavy machinery and large ships. (ship corrosion)

Where corrosion control in oil and gas pipelines is concerned, VpCI continues to prove itself as a cost effective, market leading solution.

Valdamark Direct stock a full range of project specific anti corrosion coatings.

Many are available in the convenient EcoAir® aerosol spray cans with larger 19 litre/55 litre pails and drums for bulk applications.

For corrosion prevention consider Cortec® VPCI 337 anti rust spray deisgned to be fogged or misted into enclosed spaces whilst Cortec® VPCI 377 is a rust prevention spray that forms a clean hydrophobic film when directly applied to metal parts and surfaces.

Cortec® CorShield® VpCI 368 is a temporary removable coating to prevent corrosion in extreme outdoor environments.

For mil spec corrosion protection Cortec® CorShield® VpCI 369 is an oil based temporary coating that conforms in full to MIL-PRF-16173E.

For those requiring a powder coating Cortec VPCI 309 is excellent at protecting recessed areas, interior cavities and void spaces from corrosion damage.

For rust prevention and removal take a look at VpCI 422 available in either convenient EcoAir® aerosol spray or 19 & 55ltr pails for larger bulk application. Where bulk application are concerned Biocorr biodegradable rust preventative or Corrverter

When subsequent degreaser cleaner coatings are required consider the market leading VpCI 414 heavy duty industrial degreaser.

The ElectriCorr® range of high performance contact cleaners for electronics are all availble in convenient aerosol sprays.

ElectriCorr® VpCI 238 electrical contact cleaner spray is ideal for protecting a variety of sensitive metals from corrosion.

Cortec VpCI Corrosion Inhibitor CoatingsCoatings like ElectriCorr® VpCI 239 are compatible with electronics such as motors, generators and junction boxes.

ElectriCorr® VpCI 286 is an acrylic conformal coating spray designed for use as a non conductive coating for electronics.

ElectriCorr® VpCI 248 is a printed circuit board protective coating which is suitable as an electronic contact cleaner for contact with just about any electrical component, switch and contact.

Corwipe anti static wipes are heavy duty cleaner degreaser wipes impregnated with VpCI will remove oil and grease from sensitive metal surfaces as well as light rust build up.

Those looking to enhance their environmental credentials can count on Cortec VpCI 379 oil based corrosion preventative coating that is designed to conform with new, international anti pollution regulations.

Cortec VpCI 386 is a corrosion inhibitor oil coating that is acrylic based and designed for use in the most challenging, outdoor environments.

When you require a fast drying coating solution Cortec VpCI 389 is a removable coating that works on a variety of metals to provide extreme outdoor corrosion protection in unsheltered areas.

For those looking to prevent different types of corrosion in aircraft we have a range of suitable protective coatings.

VpCI® 415 is a high performance cleaner degreaser that conforms in full to MIL-PRF-87937D Type IV / AFPET/PTPT 09-004.

VpCI® 418 is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner & degreaser for cleaning industrial, oil field, commercial and marine equipment.

Cortec VpCI 419 is an outstanding oil degreaser that has a quite unique ability to remove difficult to clean unwanted deposits and residues like heavy hydrocarbons, grease, buffing compounds & machinery oils.

VPCI 423 is a certified bio based rust remover that effectively eliminates both rust and oxides from the likes of steel, iron, brass, and copper.

VpCI 426 is a concentrated rust remover that will remove rust from powder coated metal.

For a corrosion inhibitor powder coating consider VpCI 609 which offers unbeatable aluminium corrosion protection.

For enhanced long term protection VpCI 649 is another powder coating that is ideal for closed loop cooling systems that require protection from aggressive corrosion.

For Fuel additives VpCI 705 is a multi funtional corrosion inhibitor and fuel stabilizer combination formula.

Cortec CorrLube™ VpCI lithium grease EP is a grease to prevent corrosion that shows excellent oxygen resistance and temperature tolerance characteristics.

Cortec M-531 is widely used to prevent corrosion occurring in the oil and gas industry oil storage tanks, as well as motors, generators and junction boxes.

For lubrication oil M-529 lubricating oil provides excellent corrosion protection and is great when used on machinery during plant shutdown, downtime and and intermittent operation.

Take a look at other complimentary VpCI products such as emitters and films.

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