Valdamark Sorbent Systems & Desiccant Solutions bring together a range of market leading, high performance products for the most demanding of projects in the industrial, food, medical and healthcare sectors.

Desiccant is a moisture and humidity control solution. Moisture damage is a huge problem to industry resulting in internal degradation to goods that arrive with clients defected and not in factory condition.

Moisture control is not an exact science in the sense that it cannot be applied  across the board with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Often carful mitigation and understating of individual factors and variables is required to determine the influence of moisture and humidity on your valuable products.

Valdamark is the master distributor for Multisorb Filtration Group (formerly Multisorb Technologies) . Multisorb desiccants are designed precisely and accompanied by robust testing & certification from our teams of leading scientists and engineers. The desiccants are designed to defend and guard against all the ways in which your products may be compromised due to moisture.

The ‘value equation’ that surrounds these products is quite compelling, helping you to preserve the efficiency and shelf life of your product whilst protection you from defects, recalls, malfunctions and ultimately lost sales/damage to your brand.

Valdamark stock a wide range of desiccant bags, packs, crystals and cans that are all expertly developed to protect your valuable products during manufacture, transport or storage.

Products like Stripax® and Minipax® are very much tailored to the needs of the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical spaces. These robust Tvvek® coated products are chemically inert and pose no risk of contamination to your products. Supported by a Type III Drug Master File only 21 CFR compliant materials are used in the manufacturing process. This makes these products highly suited for use in sterile and medical device packaging systems.

When dealing with a compact or limited space consider the unique MultiForm CSF® range of pre-formed, pressed sorbents. These innovative products contains nearly twice the moisture absorption capacity of loose fill desiccants.

Made using only FDA approved, pharmaceutical grade materials MultiForm CSF can be tailored to fit exactly around your product. CSF products can be further enhanced with the addition of IntelliSorb™ Moisture Management Formulations for optimal performance.

Often where industrial packaging is concerned the key performance requirement for the Desiccant is that of corrosion control and prevention.

Natrasorb® Desiccant bags achieve military grade absorption protecting sensitive goods from the usual corrosion culprits these high performance desiccants are all approved to MIL-D-3464E.

MultiForm CSF desiccant can products are available in standard sizes. These unique products save on both space and costs. The compressed desiccant is an effective moisture and odor controlling sorbent that helps in the long term preservation of your product. CSF cannisters display impressive environmental credentials using up to 65% less plastic raw material when compared to traditional legacy desiccant cans.

In addition to Multisorb’s ‘main line’ products a significant proportion of the business still resides in bespoke sorbent formulations and their methods of delivery.

Where enhanced, long term metal corrosion control is required Valdamark is also the master distributor for Cortec Corporation and their renowned VpCI® (Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) products.

For a complete packaging system use these products in conjunction with one of our hermetically sealed foil bags.