Vacuum Chambers

The MediVac® range of medical vacuum chambers from Hawo® is a market leading vacuum chamber platform.

Vacuum chambers are an excellent way to package sensitive industrial, medical and pharmaceutical devices.

Using air and/or gas extraction followed by heat sealing this approach is perfect for valuable products that may require preservation and shelf life extension in order to reach the end user defect free.

The HAWO MediVac vacuum chamber sealer is a ‘best in class’ platform that gurantees fully compliant GMP packaging.

Vacuum Chamber or Vacuum Sealer?

Vacuum chamber machines features –

  • A high level of attainable vacuum (99% +)
  • Size of the packaging limited by the degassing chamber size. Max 400 x 500 mm (15.6 x 19.7 inch)
  • Sealing width 8 mm ± 1 mm (0.3 inch ± 0.04 inch)
  • Horizontal, table-top configuration only
  • Increased cycle time. The air from the chamber is evacuated, not just the packaging.
  • Contains internal vacuum pump, no external air supply required
  • Conforms in full to EN ISO 11607-2:2019

Vacuum Sealers Feature –

  • Medium level of vacuum attainable (70%+)
  • Packaging only restricted by length of the sealing bar. Max 1270 mm.
  • Sealing width 8 mm
  • Can be configured both horizontally and vertically with a V2A stainless steel support stand
  • Fast seal cycle time. Only packaging is evacuated/flushed
  • External compressed air supply required. Min 6 bar
  • Conforms in full to EN ISO 11607-2:2019  / ISO 14644 cleanroom standards

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