Valdamark Direct is primarily a consumables procurement website offering premium brand products across a range of integrated markets. We are United Kingdom business based centrally in Manchester.

Our offer is to present a large range of niche products that demonstrate the highest performance qualities in their classes.


We promise to:

  • Allow clients to buy as many or as few parts as they need
  • Only offer the best ‘market leading’ products.
  • Avoid downtime with fast global delivery available on 90% of products.
  • Keep a sizeable stock to fulfil demanding deadlines.

Clients come from a diverse set of industries with most of our products having a global appeal. Cooper Atkins Infrared thermometers, Hawo heat sealers, Corrosion X rust inhibitor products and Shockwatch indicators are all stock items available at unbeatable prices.

We work with some of the best brands based on a strict ‘quality centric’ approach to manufacture. All our brands excel in the areas of technology and design.

Our range has particular emphasis on shipping protection products like foil bags. Our specialist area of expertise is humidity monitoring and shipping sensitive items that need to be prepared for being transported or stored.

With our range of and consumables constantly discovering new applications and uses for itself we take direction from the demands of the clients. This customer led approach means we are constantly seeking new ranges of ‘niche’ products for our range.

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Always conscious that no two clients are ever the same we can often tailor a solution through our bespoke service.

This understanding allows us to tailor an exact packaging solution to meet the client’s expectations.

We will ensure that:
  • Achieve an agreed ‘on time and in full’ result for orders of all sizes.
  • Give clear cost comparison between any budget and premium offers.
  • Work and review with the clients to understand all the project needs.

We have helped clients with a huge range of projects from sourcing packaging materials to formulating a new anti corrosion spray.

We are experts at souring packaging materials in accordance with MIL SPEC 131, Def Stan 81 79 and the German DIN Standard.

In addition to this we have helped a countless number of clients source products to meet various European and International standards.

Sourcing for BS3423 MIL–PRF-8109F, MIL-2073 ID to name just a few.