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VCI Paper

Our range of VCI Paper products are all premium, ‘best in class’ solutions that have been developed specifically for protecting sensitive metals when being transported or stored.

Ideal for precision car parts, industrial heavy machinery or any other finished metal components that need to reach your end user clean, rust, corrosion & defect free.

Used most for cross border shipping and freight anti corrosion wrapping paper.

All our paper products are a blend of high quality kraft paper impregnated with a high performance VCI Corrosion Inhibitor formula. VCI Paper Rolls

For projects that require a high performance solution in sectors such as defence we recommend Corshield VpCI 146 anti corrosion wrapping paper for optimal protection. This MIL PRF-3420 conforming paper contains the patented VpCI® (vapour phase corrosion inhibitor) formula for enhanced protection. It protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the effects of aggressive environments when travelling though supply chains.

VpCI 146 also display’s impressive environmental credentials being certified as 92% US bio based, made from 100% recycled content. The paper itself is 100% recyclable and repulpable.

VpCI 146 paper  is also compatible for use with food articles.

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