VCI Paper

Our premium VCI papers are the ideal packaging solution for car parts, industrial heavy machinery, or any other finished metal components that must reach your end user rust, corrosion, and defect-free.

Used for a variety of applications, our anti-corrosion wrapping paper is perfect when you need to protect your valuable freight from damage that’s caused by water and corrosion.  This unique blend includes high-quality kraft papers impregnated with VCI Corrosions Inhibitor formula which will keep it safe in all types of environments!

Consider Daubert Cromwell VCI Paper for excellent corrosion protection of metal parts either during ‘in progress’ manufacturing or once finished shiped and stored through the supply chain.VCI Paper

MasterShield® FE70 VCI Paper is a 65 grm/m2 kraft paper that is both RoHS and TRGS 615 compliant TL 8135.

To ensure your project’s success, we recommend using Corshield VpCI 146 anti-corrosion wrapping paper. This high-performance solution is perfect for defence projects and will provide the best protection against corrosion possible!

The patented VpCI® (vapor phase corrosion inhibitor) formula in this MIL PRF-3420 paper protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the effects of aggressive environments when traveling through supply chains.

VpCI 146 displays impressive environmental credentials being certified as 92% US bio-based, made from 100% recycled content. The paper itself is 100% recyclable and repulp able making it ideal for use with food articles!

Cortec’s wide variety of VCI-coated papers offers many renewable, recyclable, and fully repulp able options for corrosion protection.  The papers can be used in widths nearing 100 inches (2 .5 m) which makes them perfect single-item packaging materials as well as part interleaving within larger production runs!

Cortec’s VpCI treated paper is coated with a proprietary blend of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors for superior protection against the corrosion that can happen in both ferrous and nonmetal surfaces. Made from high-quality kraft pulp, these products do not contain any fluorochemicals or heavy metals like lead which could be harmful to your health if ingested!

Cortec® VCI papers are the best choice for environments that contain humidity or aggressive chemicals like Sulphur Dioxide or Hydrogen Sulphide.

Cortec’s multi-metal VCI paper eliminates the need to inventory a variety of papers for each type or metal you want to be protected.  The high-quality natural kraft paper used for the products ensures that the packaging is contamination resistant and mostly fully recyclable.

The folding process for wrapping metal parts in our VCI paper is straightforward.  Simply interleave or wrap up any of the items that need protecting with this specially designed material before applying an overlap edge at each end so there’s absolutely no circulation going on within their enclosure.

The VCI molecules in the paper coating vaporize and condense on metal surfaces, leaving behind a dry surface ready for use. Use adhesive tape as needed to hold folds together or else risk having them unfold during transport!

Our VCI papers include special variants including reinforced paper for increased durability, grease-resistant, and crepe paper.  In addition to this our fully recyclable moisture barrier papers make for high-quality options against wax and polyethylene papers.

Our VCI products offer the perfect solution for packaging protection for all types of metals.Take a look at other complimentary products including VCI Emitters and VCI Bags and Film for an optimal VCI packaging soltuon.

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