Shipping Impact Indicators

Valdamark shipment monitoring solutions contain a wide variety of shipping impact indicators to protect your fragile or sensitive goods during transport or storage.

Shipping Impact Indicators provide a cost-effective solution to deter and detect poor handling.

Shipment monitoring has never been more important for controlling the quality of your goods when shipped. The global supply chain has created a ‘just in time’ delivery model that emphasises speed over the quality of care & handling your goods receive. Valdamark supplies cost-effective, easy to use products can add an element of accountability if you rely on third party shippers to deliver your goods to end users.

Focussing on the innovative range of Shockwatch Labels these clever, patented devices contain a liquid vial sensitive to a particular G-rating that corresponds directly to your packages weight and size dimensions.

Shockwatch® products have long been the go to product for a cross section of industries and sectors tired of defect product caused by damage in transit. A ‘brand enhancer’ Shockwatch impact indicators show your customers you take delivery seriously.

In addition to Shockwatch DropSpot we also supply the new generation Shockwatch 2 impact indicators. Like the normal labels these devices are also self-adhesive, corresponding to different G-ratings with the additional benefit of being compact and easy to ship/transport. They are essentially self contained units and do not require expensive, ‘shock sensitive’ shipping services to transport them.

When requiring shipping tilt indicators consider ShockWatch Tiltwatch for preventing and deterring bad handling on shipments that are tilt sensitive. Self adhesive and easy to easy simply fix them to your case or crate, removing the safety pin. Once the enclosure tips below 90° the device will activate and indicate this clearly.

Drop N Tell are robust shipping impact indicators that contain an arrow that locks into place upon activation. They also correspond to different G-ratings to determine the correct level of sensitivity but rely on the ‘lock in place’ arrow as the mechanism of action to show poor handling. They are self adhesive but can also be fixed, screwed in place. Great when used with larger export packaging materials like plywood boxes.

Tip N Tell Indicators are are an effective solution to prevent poor handling on tilt sensitive shipments. Self adhesive, cost effective and easy to use the blue pigment indicates clearly when your consignment is tipped below the activation threshold.

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