Sealers With Cutters

Heat Sealers with cutter functions are perfect for use with packaging film and tubing that needs to be cut to size when sealing.

Heat sealers with cutter features are great for use with packaging that needs to trimmed or cut to a bespoke size.

All our machines feature an ultra smooth gliding knife that makes light work of the majority of flexible packaging material constructions available.

Our HPL 300 & 500 BMS bagging machine from HAWO is a manually operated table top heat sealer that is ideal for use with sterilization pouches, Tyvek® peel pouches and other medical device packaging materials.

Featuring a interlocking magnet this machine is ideal for use on projects where sealing volumes may be low, but optimal seal quality needs to remain consistent for every weld.

The HPL 460, 630 & 1000 machines are all foot operated impulse bag sealers with cutting functions.

The semi-automatic, foot pedal operation allows the operators hands to remain free whilst positioning and monitoring the packaging.

This machine is suitable for mid to high volume sealing work. It can supplied with an optional roll holder and work table for improved efficiency as well as a stainless steel V2A support stand for a vertical configuration.

The HP 630 WS L sealer machine is ideal for e-commerce and mail order type sealing work. This machine is a great heat sealer for clothing and garments, it is a popular choice in distribution & order fufillment hubs.

Where medical device heat sealers are concerned the HAWO hm 8000 3 side seal pouch making machine is a fully automatic cut & finished pouch maker.

For those looking for a transport or pallet cover heat sealer consider the HPL 1500 & 1800 platforms.

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