VpCI Paper

Cortec has a versatile range of market leading VpCI papers.

Many are completely renewable, fully recyclable and repulpable yet still offer advanced rust and corrosion protection for goods traveling through the supply chain. Either being transported or stored.

The proprietary Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI®) offer a superior level of protection when compared to traditional VCI papers and other rust prevention methods.

For those who do not want to compromise on performance whilst honouring any environmental responsibilities/commitments consider either EcoShield® VpCI 144 or CorShield® VPCI 146.

Each contain USDA approved 69% & 92% bio based product respectively .

Both conform commercially to MIL-P-3420E with VpCI 144 displaying a water based barrier coating, Highly resistant’s to contaminants like oil and grease. Whilst VpCI 146 is both  high performance and compatible with food articles.

For those looking for a heavy duty oil resistant paper take a look at VpCI 148 for a multifunctional oil, grease and solvent resistant paper.

If you are looking for an anti static paper consider EcoSonic® ESD Anti Static Paper for a multipurpose solution. This sophisticated product is powered by Nano-VpCI® and complies with both MIL PRF 3420 G (for Vapour Inhibition) & MIL PRF 81705 D (for static decay rate and surface resistivity)

All Cortec VpCI papers are easy to use with no concentrations to calculate or methods of application to maintain. Depending on your choice of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Paper you can either simply wrap your items or interleave the paper between the parts. You then just fold the edges down together as to ensure no air flow (some use a heat sealer machine) and use adhesive tape if necessary hold the paper in place.

The VpCI molecules then migrate (or evaporate) from the paper carrier to the surface of the metal to be protected. When the parts are removed the molecules simply evaporate off the metal. The surface is then dry and ready to use.

Consider other complimentary VpCI products for a complete solution including VpCI emitters and VpCI film and bags.

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