VpCI Emitters

Cortec have a wide range of best in class VpCI Emitters. Available to suit a wide variety of applications VpCI Emitters are a way to provide continuous corrosion protection in an enclosed space.

Using Cortec’s proprietary VpCI® Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor technology each unit emits vapours that for a thin, protective mono layer on the internal metal surfaces within the enclosure.

This makes them a high performance, compact & cost-effective way to protect against the corrosion of metals in enclosed spaces.

VpCI Emitters

Cortec VpCI Emitters are versatile too. Available in a variety of sizes and formats they deliver effective corrosion protection into the long term (up to 24 months).

Where space is at a premium consider either the self adhesive VpCI 101 emitter pads or for awkward or recessed void spaces take a look at the easy to disperse Cor-Pak® Tablets for convenient VpCI protection against corrosion.


Consider VpCI 111 Emitter capsules for the prevention of corrosion in non-ventilated cabinets, enclosures and cases. These compact, self-adhesive emitter pads are ideal for electrical equipment that is either in operation, packaged or being stored. They provide vapor corrosion inhibitor protection up to 11.0 feet³ (0.31 mtr³).

For further reaching protection take a look at VpCI 105 for a protection radius up to 5.0 feet³ (0.14 mtr³).

Several of our VpCI emitters combine the dual action of high performance desiccants with the enhanced corrosion control method of VpCI®.

This makes them perfect materials for use in overseas shipping & export packaging. For these projects take a look at Desicorr® or the CorPak®1-MUL/8-MUL desiccants.

For the lining of export packing cases take a look at VpCI 150 & 170. These adhesive backed foam tapes offer the benefit of a cushioning tape with the enhanced protection of VpCI Corrosion Inhibitors.

For those looking to enhance their environmental credentials with their VpCI emitter pads consider the patent pending BioEmitter pad for a safe, environmentally friendly solution to corrosion protection.

Where corrosive gases are concerns take a look at our Corrosorber® emitter capsules. They effectively absorb hydrogen sulfide, volatile mercaptans, and other corrosive gas ingresses.

If you are looking for a flexible VpCI emitter solution that can be wrapped around products and parts themselves consider CorrNetting™, innovative protective mesh netting that offers both physical and cushioning protection to products whilst also providing market leading corroison protection.

Take a look at other complimentary VpCI products including VpCI paper as well as coatings and bags.

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