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Valdamark Clean Room Vacuum Sealers

Valdamark Direct is the leading provider of vacuum sealers, including clean room vacuum sealers and vacuum sealing accessories for domestic, commercial and medical clients across the UK, Europe and further afield.

We focus on delivering the “best in class” HV impulse vacuum sealer platforms, which are designed to meet the most demanding of sealing projects, in addition to reaching all relevant Clean Room standards.

Our specialist vacuum sealer machines are designed to protect delicate items from damage, in addition to offering clean room standards and even food vacuum sealers for commercial use.

Whether you’re looking for commercial, medical or indsutrial vacuum seal equipment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced, friendly team today.



Impulse Vacuum Sealer

High-Performance Vacuum Sealing

Valdamark’s diverse range of vacuum sealing machines offer a reliable, long-term service in a wide range of industries. We only pair with the leading manufacturers, to deliver the best vacuum sealers to users across the UK and internationally.

Whether you’re looking to prevent freezer burn, improve shelf life or meet clean room standards, don’t hesitate to shop our diverse range today. While we primarily stock commercial and medical vacuum sealers, we can always offer advice and support on the suitability of our vacuum sealers to suit your needs.

To take advantage of specialist vacuum sealer machinery and equipment from the Valdamark team, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Our Complete Range of Vacuum Sealers

Hawo Vacuum Sealing

Valdamark is proud to offer a wide range of Hawo vacuum sealers for medical and commercial use. Hawo is one of the world’s leading providers of vacuum sealing equipment and accessories, including vacuum sealer bags and machinery.

Whether you’re looking for a medical sealer with an inbuilt bag cutter and an intuitive control panel, commercial vacuum or heat sealers, or even an industrial food vacuum sealer, shop our wide range of Hawo brand vacuum sealer machinery today.

Common Vacuum Sealing Machine Questions

Can Valdamark's Machines Be Used As Food Vacuum Sealers?

At Valdamark Direct, we specialise in the supply of medical vacuum sealers, designed to meet ISO 14644-1 Clean Room Standards.

Our impulse vacuum sealers are some of the most powerful and reliable in the world, using powerful suction and specially-made vacuum sealing bags to seal, or even double seal, medical and technological equipment.

How Effective Are Vacuum Sealers?

Any vacuum sealer from Valdamark is guaranteed to be completely effective.

Our Hawo sealers are designed to meet ISO 14644-1 Clean Room Standards, meaning they are completely secure.

Whether you’re looking to improve the shelf life of medicines, protect sentitive technological equipment from dirt, dust or damage, or even keep food fresh, a Valdamark vacuum sealer offers a simple, reliable and effective service.

Can Bacteria Grow In Vacuum Sealed Bags?

Vaccum sealed bags will prevent the growth of bacteria, as well as mould and other microorganisms.

If you’re looking for a way to improve food safety or keep medical equipment clean, our Hawo sealers are an ideal solution.

Can You Use Any Plastic Bag as Vacuum Sealer Bags?

No, you can’t. At Valdamark, we provide a range of vacuum seal bags, which are ideal for all kinds of sealing requirements.

Our specialist vacuum sealer bags are designed to offer long-term storage solutions for a wide range of materials and equipment.

Does Vacuum Sealing Improve Shelf Life?

Yes, vacuum sealing will help to improve the shelf life of a wide range of products.

That includes medical equipment and medicines, dry food, moist foods and more.

So long as you take advantage of effective vacuum bag storage, your products, ingredients and equipment should remain clean and undamaged for a long period of time.

Which Is The Right Vacuum Sealer Machine For Me?

If you’re not sure which is the best vacuum sealer machine to suit your needs, get in touch today.

Here at Valdamark, we can help you to choose the right vacuum sealer, whether you require a food vacuum sealer, or a medical alternative.

All our sealers are user-friendly, and are designed to meet some of the most stringent clean room standards.

Can I Get A Vacuum Sealer With An Accessory Port?

Yes, you can. At Valdamark, we provide vacuum sealer machines which are designed to work alongside other pieces of equipment, including a bag cutter and bag storage solutions.

Whereas other models and companies require you to invest in a different machine to achieve the smooth workflow your commercial or medical process requires, we can provide a user-friendly machine, with an accessory port or in-built features, like cutters and bulk storage solutions to suit your needs.