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Industrial Heat Sealer with Cutter | Audion SealKid 236, 321, 421, 621 SK

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This Audion Seal Kid industrial heat sealer is great for mid-high volume poly bag sealing.

It can cycle 3 – 4 seals per minute and also comes equipped with a cutter so you can cut packaging to size.#

Available in various seal lengths.


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This industrial heat sealer is a manual machine suitable for both PE films and thin laminate materials.

We recommend this unit for any material between 20 and 150 microns.

The sealer machine itself comprises of a housing for containing the electrical components. On top of this housing is the PTFE tape which contains the sealing wire.

When pressing the top bar down completely the sealing wire will heat and seal the film.

Underneath the machine are silicone pressing rubbers which thorough closure of the top bar when sealing.

Using the cutting knife you can then cut the film to size.

Following the pre-set sealing time the heating wire will stop heating. After this the seal bar should be kept pressed down for a short period before you open the top bar and allow the seal some cooling time.

The film bag is now sealed and closed.

Instructions for operating the industrial heat sealer 235mm 320mm 420mm 620mm

Sealing of film bags

Perform this for sealing poly bags

  • Position a film bag on the seal bar making sure the material completely covers the top PTFE.
  • Compress the top bar down.
  • The red light will turn on. Keep the top closed for a few seconds after the light has turned off. This allows the seal to set and cool down.
  • Once cooled move the top bar up again.
  • Remove the film bag from the seal bar.
  • The cycle is complete and you can now make your next seal.
  • When not in use remove the plug from the socket.
  • You can set the sealing time from the control panel. The standard setting is 2 but you can adjust this all the way up to 10. Try a test seal first to establish the correct temperature.

Maintenance for the industrial heat sealer 235mm 320mm 420mm 620mm

  • Perform maintenance only with authorized personnel.
  • Always remove the plug from the socket when carrying out any work.
  • When cleaning do not use water, solvent, abrasive or corrosive agents.

For full details on the maintenance schedule refer to the instructions manual included with the device.

Please note – roll flux holder and work table sold separately. 

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236 SK Seal length 235 mm, 321 SK Seal length 320 mm, 421 SK Seal length 420 mm, 621 SK Seal length 620 mm, 236 SK+ Rolloflux & Work Table, 321 SK + Rolloflux & Worktable, 421 SK + Rolloflux & Worktable, 621 SK + Rolloflux & Worktable, 236 SK Spare Parts Kit, 321 SK Spare Parts Kit, 421 SK Spare Parts Kit, 621 SK Spare Parts Kit