Cortec® Corporation are trusted by industry heavyweights across the globe. Cotec’s client focus and commitment to world beating, eco-friendly corrosion solutions have led to it becoming the global leader in VPCI® and MCI® corrosion control and prevention methods.Cortec

Cortec® is at the pinnacle of delivering cost-effective, user-focussed & fully integrated advanced corrosion treatments and protective packaging. The markets and sectors Cortec serve are diverse including construction, oil & gas, electronics, metal fabrication & production.

Client Focussed

Our individual solutions are tailored to each of our individual client’s goals. The global supply and authorised dealer network allows the Cortec technical ‘know how’ to be imparted at an early stage in the project life span. Paired with responsive customer service and an impressive turnaround time on orders, we are very well positioned to exceed your expectations.

R & D Ready

Research & development, innovation, product discovery & improvement are Cortec’s area of expertise. A combination of direct knowledge, research, testing and painstaking analysis of the end users needs have since 1977 led to the granting of over 60 patents with the development of over 400 different corrosion prevention products.

Underpinning this successful R & D base is the only accredited ISO/IEC – 170025 accredited corrosion testing lab in the industry. This can provide valuable testing facilities for clients looking for a more technical solution.

If you have packaging project that requires a corrosion test report or would just like more information on laboratory corrosion tests and standards, please get in touch to review your requirements.

Vertically Integrated for quality

Recently Cortec® has realised it’s ambition to increase global market share by making it’s ‘best in class’ corrosion solutions more accessible as supply chains keep expanding and going ever more global.

Strategically located production and distribution sites focus each on specific product categories. This allows Cortec and their network to deliver market leading corrosion inhibitor solutions whilst controlling every aspect of the product development life cycle – end to end.

Always Expanding Product Portfolio

Cortec® has a diverse range of corrosion inhibitor solutions. These include the tried and tested MCI & VPCI, vapour phase corrosion inhibitor range of products, trusted worldwide as the two premium rust inhibitor technologies.

As Cortec continues to grow as a speciality chemical company it remains more determined than ever to discover more effective and more environmentally friendly solutions for its customers.

Valdamark stock a complete range of Cortec Corp VPCI packaging products.

For flexible packaging formats consider the unbeatable performance of Cortec VPCI 126 to give your product superior rust protection when being transported or stored.

We have a large range of VCI emitter products.

Consider the Cortec VPCI 101 or 1-MUL pouch to protect small spaces and areas of 1 ft³ (28 litre) or less.

Use the VPCI 105 or VPCI 111 emitter devices for areas up to 5 ft³ (141.6 litres) & 11 ft³ (312 litres) respectively.

We also stock the range of EcoAir® spray can formulas. Consider the Cortec VPCI 337 corrosion inhibitor spray or Cortec VPCI 377 rust prevention spray.

Take a look at VPCI 414 for an environmentally safe cleaner degreaser.

For an eco-friendly rust removal liquid consider Cortec VPCI 422.

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