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Nendo says the humble Banana is perhaps one of those fruits that come with the perfect natural packaging, which Mother Nature has designed for it. Its peel protects the fruit and displays when it’s ripe with colour changes. It can even be composted with nil waste.

So, when Nendo – a Japanese firm, was given the assignment to design packaging for the luxury Shiawase banana, their approach complemented and celebrated the fruit’s natural jacket.

Shiawase banana is grown in a national park on the island of Mindanao (in Philippines) at a high altitude. It is sold exclusively in Japan.

It derives its name from the Japanese word for happiness and indicates that it makes all banana growers content.

This luxury fruit was the first banana to bag the 2 Stars award at the Superior Taste Awards of the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) in Belgium.

Nendo was commissioned by UNIFRUTTI Japan to design Shiawase banana’s packaging. UNIFRUTTI is the Japanese segment of one of the largest fruit distributors of the world.

Features of Nendo Banana Packaging

Nendo’s final solution includes a carrying bag and a double-layered fruit sticker, which is applied to the banana peel’s surface.

A designer of the firm explained that they didn’t want to create an extravagant solution for the high-quality luxury fruit as that would have been completely inappropriate for an environmental-friendly fruit.

The double-layered sticker mimics the feel, colours and texture of a banana peel. It has a peeled section that encourages welcome interaction from consumers. When the first layer of the sticker is peeled away, a fruit-coloured second sticker is revealed.

This is covered with text that explains the Shiawase banana’s story. The packaging comes with a paper carrying bag equipped with a string handle, which opens up to reveal a comprehensive story of the Shiawase banana.

This story is printed on a solitary sheet of VCI paper that’s shaped like a banana leaf.

This considerate, playful and innovative packaging design created by Nendo honours the natural beauty of the fruit.

At the same time, it also celebrates the natural production process of this luxury banana.

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