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A Glass Packaging maker in Italy has chosen a new system from Messersi Packaging machinery. The system adds both durability to the packaging whilst saving on cost.


Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.glass-international.com

In Italy Glass Packaging maker Ziganago Vetro has partnered with Messersi Packaging Machinery for production in two of it’s manufacturing plants.


Messersi Packaging has come up with a system that is able to produce small compact packaging in conjunction with laminated packaging film that adheres to glass bottle and protects from any harmful atmospheric conditions. 


The system utilizes a hood that ensures fast and effective shrinking that uses an Polythene heat sealer for safety, stability but also improves the aesthetic qualities of the package. 


Zignago Vetro has chosen a design that is ideal when fitted to glass products. As well there is a construction that includes a square device and a horizontal strapping machines which stabilizes each layer of the glass bottle. 


The shrink wrapping machine used has four sections and a top cover to make the package durable when travelling through the supply chain. 


There is also the additional benefit of energy saving during packaging production. It is far less intensive with the Messersi system. 


The machinery is planned to be installed next month at production sites in Norther Italy.