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Valdmark Direct provide the market leading Master Shield VCI Paper sheets. This Corrosion Inhibitor Paper is available in either rolls or sheet format.

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Valdamark specialize in VCI Corrosion Inhibitor products for protecting sensitive metals from moisture and corrosion damage. 


We supply both paper and film constructions to protect goods that are shipped and stored for extensive periods. 


The Metal Guard ® VCI film we supply is a sophisticated multi layer volatile corrosion inhibitor that works into the long term. Its multi faceted too in that it can protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 


This blend of low density polyethylene and the advanced VCI formula give your valuable goods the protection they need. 


If you require a traditional paper product take a look at the Zerust VCI Paper. This is designed to protect ferrous metals like aluminium, alloys and copper in the supply chain. 



What is unique about this VCI ?


The Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors ( or VCI ) in our paper products used a best in class surface neutralization action. When adhered to a metal surface the VCI formula maintains a state of equilibrium. This will guard the product until removed with either spray water or compressed air. 


Our VCI Corrosion inhibitor is not like cheaper legacy products in that it will regenerate itself by recycling the excess VCI from the atmosphere within the enclosure itself. 


drawing on the remnants of the formula within the VCI atmosphere contained within the enclosure.


The bottom line is it keeps working!



Should I choose VCI Film or VCI Paper ?


In general VCI Film is considered to be a superior product to VCI Paper sheets or rolls. 


Most specifications are stronger than that of paper. Film more often than not has a thicker density to paper counterparts. 


Also as the film is constructed from an LDPE material it also means it can be easily cut to size and converted to bags and sheets etc. 



Also this flexibility makes it more suitable when working with awkwardly sized or large products. 



VCI film and VCI Bags to be easier to close with a impulse heat sealer too.


For more information on VCI Packaging get in touch to discuss your requirements further.