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Yves Saint Laurent introduce new product packaging design into their On Rouge skincare range. Refillable & recyclable it is sure to be hit. 

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Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) has reinforced it’s commitment to sustainability with the introduction of the new Yves Saint Laurent Or Rouge range. 


This new line of skincare products from the French luxury brands features exciting new products like the Rouge Rich Crème Refill, which makes refilling and reuse ability easy for clients that have already bought the Rouge Crème Riche or even the Red Gold La Crème packaging for beauty products


At the center of this new initiative is the goal of making it easier for clients to buy into the YSL cosmetics range whilst knowing that the packaging is multi use and can potentially be reused into the long term. 


The packaging design focuses on a pod type insert that can be combined with the original cream packaging. Despite the pod being both refillable and recyclable it is very easy on the eye too featuring a textured closing cap and a brushed gold finish. It really does look fantastic and stays true to the original product packaging design


YSL were recognized for this new innovative packaging design at the PCD 2019 in Paris Award ceremony. In particular the new 50 milliliter On Rouge packaging received widespread acclaim and recognition.