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Walki ’s Mineral Oil Safe Technology will create an effective, unique barrier against mineral-oil contamination of food. #research #packaging

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Check out this new Mineral Oil Safe Technology from Walki. Abbreviated to ‘MOST’ this new extrusion coating layer is extremely effective at protecting foods from harmful oil and residues.
Its mostly aromatic hydrocarbons that make up mineral oils. These can be very harmful to the human body. 
These aromatic hydrocarbons make their way into the food we eat by contamination with the food packaging.
It is possible that over consumption can cause liver damage as well as harm to the lymph nodes. 
The main culprit for these aromatic hydrocarbons are printing dyes used on the packaging with packaging for dry foodstuffs being most at risk of cross contamination. 
Not to mention that most mineral oil pollution in general originates from fiber based packaging materials that are reprocessed for environmental reasons. 
Enter Walki’s new solution. MOST.
It’s polymer bases and as far as barrier packaging films go is extremely efficient when acting against mineral oil contamination. 
It effectively block out water, grease and gas by products, yet remains completely recyclable. 
Harmful substances like Bisphenol A, Benzophenone and DIPN are also blocked. 
Such is the efficacy Walki has now won direct food contact approval under EU directive 10/2011.
With this kind of momentum it is clear that brand owners will opt to introduce this clever technology to their ranges in the future. 
It demonstrates a commitment to deliver safe food that is free from the long term risks associated with aromatic hydrocarbons. 
Indeed I think it is only a matter of time until we see EU wide mineral oil legislation introduced. 
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