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Walki has developed Mineral Oil Safe Technology (MOST). This is an extrusion coating that’s effective in keeping mineral oil away from your food. According to Mirka Nevala, Walki’s Vice President for Business Development, mineral oil consists of Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbon (MOAH) that is particularly harmful to the human body.

MOAH gets into the food we consume via food packaging. With the ingestion of such food items, it gets stored inside the body and may cause damage to the lymph nodes and the liver.

MOAH and MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbon) are frequently utilised in industrial inks. Sometimes, they can be even found in packaging items that use printing dyes. According to a study conducted by the Swiss Official Food Control Authority and Dr. Koni Grob and others, dry foods are at a significant risk.

The risk arises out of mineral oil pollution originating from reprocessed fibre-based packaging materials. This is where Walki’s MOST can help.

Features of MOST Developed by Walki

Walki Pack MOST (Mineral Oil Safe Technology) is a polymer coat packaging product developed by Walki. It provides the most efficient barrier of its kind against mineral oil pollution. It’s a heat sealable, glueable and recyclable packaging solution. It also effectively shuts out water and grease.

Walki Pack MOST generates a blockade against other unwanted substances, such as Bisphenol A, Benzophenone, as well as softeners and DIPN, which could be found in recycled fibres. It also blocks cross contamination from other transport packaging. As per EU directive 10/2011, Walki Pack MOST has won approval for direct food contact.

According to Stefan Erdmann, Technical Service & Development Manager for Walki’s Barrier Board products, MOST will allow the food packaging industry to solve the increasing issues of contaminated food. He also added that brand owners and food companies that opt for mineral oil safe packaging materials are exhibiting their commitment to deliver risk-free food products to the marketplace.

The effectiveness of Walki Pack MOST has been checked by independent research institutes like Innoform in Germany and VTT in Finland as well as by eminent expert from MDCTec Systems GmbH – Dr. Rainer Brandsch. Visit Short form consultants to read more about this.

Despite there being no EU standards that regulate MOAH and MOSH, many governments are looking to introduce new legislation to deal with the issue. Germany could be the first nation to introduce such laws in 2016. If it does, it would pave the way for EU-wide mineral oil legislations.