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Waitrose has hit its target to remove black plastic from hundreds of products as part of its overall aim to eradicate black plastic from all its own-label products.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.packagingnews.co.uk

Waitrose is taking aim at its ‘hard to recycle’ black plastic packaging.


This sort of packaging applies to its meat, fish, poultry & fruit/veg products. The company forecasts it could reduce black plastic packaging usage by 1,300 tonnes per annum. 


This type of packaging is produced containing a black pigment color additive which means the product cannot be easily categorized by the sorting systems used in plastic recycling depots.


This means more often than not black plastic ends up in a landflll site. 


The goal for Waitrose is to reduce their consumption of plastic packaging without effecting quality or decreasing shelf life. 


Shortened shelf life could potentially be a problem as this results in food waste. A epidemic just as bad as single use plastics. 


Waitrose has done a pretty good job with recycling in general. 


Since 2009 the store chain has decreased its own packaging materials use by 50%. 


A further 70% of the plastic in their own brand packaging is recyclable. 


Loose buy fruit & vegs bags are being phased out for compostable eco packaging bags 



Single use carrier bags which already cost 5p will be phased out and replaced by the end of the year.