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These VCI Emitters from Cortec Corporation are market leading, easy to use emitter pads that are well suited for protecting sensitive metals and electronics from rust and corrosion damage. 

Effective when used either during transport or storage these easy to use pads are self adhesive and can be easily attached to the inside of a container, enclosure or space in need of protection. 

Using the patented Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor technology (VpCI) this sophisticated corrosion prevention formula is designed to protect high value, sensitive goods into the long term. 

Often clients will have overseas exports shipments travelling through multiple supply chains exposing the goods to varying environmental conditions and clients. Others will be looking for an asset protection measure in order to protect plant machinery during it’s downtime or when stopped for maintenance. Either way VpCI 101 emitter pads are trusted by the biggest logos in industry. 

Fully compatible for use with electronics products they are often used in conjunction with optical and mechanical systems alike. 

VpCI works into the long term and can protect parts and components for up to 24 months. For a complete solution consider using in conjunction with other VpCI products such as VpCI 126 blue bags. When used as a dual layer with VpCI 101 your goods will receive enhanced, long term protection. 

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