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Daubert VCI Paper | Mastershield® | Various Sheets & Roll Sizes

Daubert Cromwell Mastershield® market leading, nitrate free corrosion inhibitor VCI Paper. Fully compliant with RoHS and TRGS 615 / TL 8135.

Daubert Cromwell



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Daubert VCI Paper gives outstanding corrosion inhibitor protection for metals being transported or stored

Daubert VCI Paper has been distinctly developed to meet the requirements of the most demanding industries and sectors. Regardless of wether you are working with automotive equipment, precision parts, heavy machinery and many others, Daubert Cromwell VCI paper continues to prove itself an excellent solution when used to wrap sensitive metals.

Our most versatile paper is the MasterShield® FE70 VCI Paper. This 65 grm/m2 kraft paper substrate is saturated with Daubert Cromwell Corrosion Inhibitor formula to protect ferrous metals either during, in-progress manufacturing, export packaging and storage. MasterShield does not need to be used in conjunction with legacy rust prevestion like liquids and rust protection liquids.

Matershield uses corrosion inhibitors on both sides of the paper as well as featuring 6-language print to clearly identify it as specialist packaging for metals.

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Benefits of Daubert VCI Packaging Paper

  • Protects a wide variety of metals including steel, cast iron and ferrous alloys
  • RoHS and TRGS 615 compliant TL 8135
  • Free from nitrates
  • OEM Approved
  • Free from heavy metals, phosphates and secondary amines
  • Safe and easy to use. No special handling requirements be applied
  • Essentially replaces the need for traditional corrosion prevention methods like oils and greases
  • Parts will remain clean and dry, ready for immediate use
  • Compatible with the rest of the Daubert range including MetalGuard VCI Bags and Daubrite VCI Emitters.
  • Can be supplied in either rolls, sheets and other custom formats
  • Fully recyclable and re-pulpable

An effective VCI anti rust paper when used to transport and store metals parts

  • Fabricated metal parts, components and assemblies
  • CNC machine parts
  • Engines and large pieces of machinery
  • Precision parts such as bearings, valves, brakes, gears and pistons
  • General automotive parts packaging

How to use Daubert VCI Paper

You can either wrap or layer clean metal parts in Mastershield FE70 Paper

Where possible place flexible packaging material within 200-300mm of metal. The corrosion inhibitors then migrate from the paper carrier to form an invisible, protective layer over the metal surface

Once parts are unwrapped and removed the protective VCI layer disspates harmlessley into the atmosphere

Parts are now clean, corrosion free and ready for use. No further processing is required before use