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X-O Wrap® | Premium Metal-Guard® VCI Shrink Wrap from Daubert Cromwell

Premium Metal-Guard® X-O Wrap® VCI Corrosion Protection Film is a heavy duty VCI shrink wrap that is UV stabilised for enhanced protection and extended shelf life. Ideal for outdoor transport and storage projects it is avialble in pre-cut 250µ 6000mm x 30mtr (1.5mtr folded) rolls. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


X-O Wrap® VCI Corrosion Protection Film is a market leading, heavy duty, heat shrinkable material that can be a more effective alternative in applications where Mil-PRF-131 films are used.

X-O Wrap® VCI Corrosion Protection Film is a polyethylene based film from Daubert Cromwell. Blended with the proprietary Daubert VCI corrosion inhibitors this film can be used as shrink wrap for outdoor applications.

How X-O Wrap® VCI Corrosion Protection Film Works

When metals are wrapped & packaged in this VCI shrink film, the corrosion inhibitor formula disperses into the packaging micro environment forming a protective molecular coating on the surface of the metal.

The layer guards agaisnt the usual corrosion catalysts preventing moisture, salt, dirt and oxygen from direct contact with the metal. One the package is unwrapped the VCI molecules will harmlessly disperse into the surrounding atmoshere once parts are unwrapped.

VCI Shrink Wrap That is UV Stable

Featuring an ultraviolet stabilzer X-O Wrap VCI Shrink films work well a protective shell during transportation and storage. The heat shrinkable film will conform to the shape of the part being packaged. The UV stabilsation enhances protection and gives the VCI film extended shelf life. Perfect for when parts need to be stored outdoors.

Applications for MetalGuard® Premium X-O Wrap®

X-O Wrap is designed to replace non VCI legacy products like wraps, shrouds and tarps. It proves itself to be a great alternative to MIL-PRF-131 films where the very low moisture vapour tranmission rate (MVTR) is not required.

This thick and flexible shrink film protects against moisture, dirt and debris whilst the VCI corrosion inhibitorsprevent corrosion.

What Metal are Protected?

Low Carbon Steel – provides complete contact andvapor phase protection

All Grades Stainless Steel – provides complete contact and vapor phase protection

Aluminium – requires testing for compatibility

Zinc & zinc galvanized steel – provides complete contact and vapor phase protection

Copper – provides complete contact and vapor phase protection

Category A metals including zinc, cadium & nickel – provides complete contact and vapor phase protection

Category B metals including lead, antimony, solder –  requires testing for compatibility (except for magnesium and its alloys).

This product has a shelf life of 24 months form the date of shipping.

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