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VCI Bags

VCI Bags are ideal for the protection of sensitive metals from rust and corrosion whilst being transported or stored. VCI Bags

Our range focuses on the market leading Cortec VpCI 126 Bags for enhanced protection from corrosion damage. This sophisticated construction combines a consistently dosed LDPE plastic substrate with Cortec Corporations renowned Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) technology.

The development of this patented technology has in recent years changed the value equation when it comes to corrosion protection of valuable assets.

Cortec VpCI® can be considered superior to traditional VCI polythene bags and other legacy corrosion prevention methods.

Cortec VCI Bags can be supplied in a variety of shapes, sizes and custom formats. As standard we offer two dimensional flat bags with ziplock features for easy opening and closing.

VCI Gusseted bags are an excellent choice for projects that require a three dimensional box bag. These come spooled/perforated on a roll for easy use. They are ideal for larger or awkwardly sized objects.

Where a customisation is required or a bespoke design/construction we can tailor make this subject to minimum order quantities.

All our VCI Bags are highly suitable for corrosion protection of metals whilst being shipped, transported or stored. As well VCI can be used as an effective corrosion control and prevention method for products during manufacturing or when being warehoused.

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