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Zerust VC2 1| VCI Emitter

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The Zerust® VC2 1 vapor capsules are portable VCI emitter capsules that contain patent pending Zerust® corrosion inhibitor technology.

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The Zerust VC2 1 vapor capsules are portable VCI emitter capsules that contain patent pending Zerust® corrosion inhibitor technology. These devices are ideal for protecting sensitive metals, particularly in hard to reach areas and awkward spaces. They are very well suited for larger items of export freight including electrical cabinets, control panels and heavy machinery. Even when in operation. These VC2 1 Vapour capsules can be used to supplement other Zerust VCI packaging products for optimal protection. Zerust Vapor Capsules can be used to protect various metal types from corrosion damage in almost any enclosed or hermetically sealed package. Zerust capsules emit their proprietary VCI vapor corrosion inhibitor formula which prevents oxidation of metal surfaces. This oxidation causes rust! VC2 1 vapour capsules provide the targeted corrosion protection needed for items that require additional extra protection. How do VCI emitters work? Zerust capsules are quick and simple to install. Start by peeling back the protective carrier paper from the adhesive tape, then attached and secure the emitter in the desired location. Seal the closure as tightly as possible. This ensures the protective VCI protective vapor remains trapped inside the enclosure. Under these conditions metals will be protected from rust for between one and two years*. *Dependant on capsule model and environment. Benefits

  • Safe & effective rust protection
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for use with sensitive electronics, circuit boards and other components
  • Great for both maintaining new equipment at peak performance and ensuring the reliability of existing equipment throughout its lifespan.


  • Storage throughout the supply chain
  • Shipping
  • When machinery is operational
  • Used in conjunction with other Zerust VCI Packaging products for complete protection.

How to install VCI emitters

  • Firstly remove product from its protective packaging
  • Take a note of the installation date and mark it on the Zerust VC2 1 capsule.

N.B Keep in mind VCI emitters are conservatively rated for a wide spectrum of environments and working conditions. Depending on the model each diffuser capsule will protect for 1 – 2 years.

  • Place the diffuser in the most suitable location based on the guidelines below.
  • Ensure that air flow within the enclosure is restricted as much as possible. This ensure there is no accelerated usage of the corrosion inhibitors due to excessive air flow.

N.B. Remember upon removal of the Zerust VCI emitter from its packaging or enclosure, the corrosion inhibitor molecules will begin to dissipate from the surfaces they have bonded to within just a few hours. Be careful to open & position them correctly and as quickly as is safe to do so. Corrosion protection will cease to be effective once the package has been open for several hours. Which metals can the VC2 protect from corrosion? The VC2 range of VCI emitter capsules offer multi metal protection for Steel, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Brass, Aluminium & its alloys, Bronze & Nickel as well as Tin & Solder.

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