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Cortec VpCI® 389 | Water Based Removable Coating | 5 & 55 Gallon Drums (19ltr & 208ltr Drums)

Cortec VpCI® 389 is a high performance, temporary emovable coating. This rust inhibitor exhibits excellent UV resitance as well as multi metal protection.  Works well when used with both HVLP and airless spray gun applications.

Cortec Corp


Cortec VpCI 389 is a water based removable coating, perfect for use in harsh enviroments including outdoor and unsheltered areas.

VpCI 389 is both fact drying and provides multi metal protection, it also exhibits impressive UV resistance and can be matched to a variety of bespoke colours if required.

Application of VpCI 389

When preparing a suface ensure it is free from grease, oil, dirt & fingerprints. Also any corrosion inhibitors that are not Cortec® products. Inspect the surface for any additional contaminants that may affect the application and adhesion.

When applying to a bare matal surface use the NACE code #3/SSPC-SP6 specification ensuring you test the system prior to appliction and adhesion. Alternativeley consult a Cortec technical expert.

NB: Please ensure the dew point is more than 5°F/2°C less than the air temperature being used for application. Power agitate to a uniform consistency using a hand held drill mixer or other similar method. You can also apply VpCI® 389 using a spray gun, roller brush or dip method. 

Recommended equipment configurations

HVLP Spray Gun 

  • Tip 0.02″ – 0.11″ (0.5 to 2.8mm) depending upon the pressure & viscosity levels
  • Air pressure @ 45 to 55 PSI
  • Fluid pressure @ 10 PSI
  • Ensure fluid hose is ⅜” (0.95 cm internal dimensions) with a max length of 50ft/15.2mtr You can use a narrower ¼”/0.64 cm fluid hose but the pressure must be adjusted to ensure correct flow. The pot should feature dual regulation and be kept at an even elevation to the spray gun

Airless Spray Gun

  • Tip 0.015″ to 0.035″ (0.38 to 0.89mm) depending upon the pressure & viscosity levels
  • Pressure @ 1800 to 2500 PSI
  • Ensure air hose is ⅜” (0.95 cm internal dimensions) with a max length of 100ft/30.5mtr You can use a narrower ¼”/0.64 cm ID aire hose with a whip end section can be used for easy application.


Tools & application equipment should be cleaned immediatley after use with water when the coating is still moist. When removing VpCI 389 use Cortec’s VpCI 414 cleaner degreaser coating.


VpCI 389 is available in either 5 gallon (19 ltr) or 55 gallon (208 ltr) drums. It has a shelf life of 2 years.

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