ElectriCorr® VpCI 238 | Multi-Metal Electrical Contact Cleaner | 9.45 oz / 267.75 grm Spray Cans

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ElectriCorr VpCI-238® is a market leading electrical contact cleaner and protector that is perfect for protecting sensitive metal based electronics from rust and corrosion damage. Available in either a convenient 9.45 oz (267.75 gram) aerosol spray can or a 5 Gallon (19ltr) drum.

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ElectriCorr VpCI 238 is a multi functional electrical contact cleaner containing Cortec corporations patented VpCI (Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) technology.

This cleaner is specifically formulated for electronic equipment & component applications. The corrosion Inhibitors form a thin mon layer film that provides unbeatable corrosion and rust protection into the long term. Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors are effective against the usual corrosion culprits and work well in challenging environments such as industrial, marine & tropical climates.

VpCI 238 is perfectly compatible with metal substrates and does not interfere with the electrical resistance or magnetic properties of the metal.

ElectriCorr can be safely applied to most material substrates including plastics, elastomers and other non metals.

VpCi-238 is effective when used to prevent galvanic corrosion on most metals and alloys used in electronics. Aluminium, steel, copper, brass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

In addition to ElectriCorr VpCI 238’s versatility it remains free of CFC’s and 1,1,1-Trichlorenethane.

Corrosion protection occurs on application. For heavy corrosion use VpCI 238 with one of VpCI Emitters for enhanced and extended protection.

Benefits of ElectriCorr® VpCI 238 electrical contact cleaner

  • Instant corrosion and rust protection
  • Advanced multi-metal protection that keeps working into the long term
  • Minimises field service requirements
  • Superior corrosion protection at a cheaper overall cost than traditional rust preventatives
  • Vapour phase action works well in both venter and non-ventilated enclosures
  • Can be used as a electrical contact cleaner agent. 
  • Dual mechanism of action uses both moisture displacement and penetrating film characteristics

Typical Applications of VpCI-238®

  • PCB’s
  • Electronic contacts and component parts
  • Electric Motors
  • To protect various metals in humid environments
  • Junction boxes
  • Generator equipment
  • For ‘spray on’ field servicing or maintenance requirements

Independently Tested 

Cortec ElectriCorr VpCI 238 has been tested by a globally renowned laboratory under accelerated conditions as per the Batelle defined flowing mix gas test in a class III environment.

Results proved excellent multi metal protection properties & protection which gave the equivalent of 7 years worth of indoor electronic environment protection intervals.


You can either dip the part in VpCI 238 or spray the coating on using the ElectriCorr Aerosol.

Remove the excess coating using a conventional method such as dripping or wiping.



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