Cortec VpCI® 426 | Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor | 5 & 55 Gallon Drums (19ltr & 208ltr Drums)

Cortec VpCI® 426 is a market leading, heavy duty, water based corrosion remover. Compatible with a variety of metals this high performance product can be provided in both liquid and powder form for use on a wide variety of application.

Cortec Corp


Cortec VpCI 426® is a heavy duty, water based concentrate designed for corrosion removal resulting from naturally ocurring oxides such as aluminium, steel, iron, copper and magensium.

In addition to scale & corrosion removal VpCI 426 is also effective at brightening aluminium and copper.

Cortec VpCI 426 features

  • Removes rust on all metal types
  • Sophisticated Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor technology.
  • Can be used pre anodizing & painting on aluminium surfaces
  • Removes oxides that occur on brass, bronze, zinc & magnesium etc
  • Brightens aluminium & copper
  • Removes scale from bathtubs & pipes etc
  • Works well as a domestic rust remover treatment
  • National stock number (NSN) 6850-01-477-4155
  • Dissolves rust effectively as well as oxide & scale deposits
  • Reduction in costs for surface prep
  • Superior performing product when compared to legacy & competitor alternatives
  • Effective in enclosed spaces that cannot be sandblasted or worked with power tools
  • Nitrate free and easy to use
  • Can be provided in powder form

Applications for VpCI® 426

  • When used with steel VpCI 426 can be used in a 1 part formula/ 4 parts water ratio
  • For Copper VpCI 426 can be used in a 1:1 ratio with water
  • For Aluminium

Heavy cleaning – apply formula at room temperature or alternatively use 1 part VpCI 426 with 1 part water at an increased temperature (120°F:49°C).

Normal cleaning – use 1 part VpCI 426 with 1 part water

  • For alloys and magnesium use 1 part VpCI 426 with 4 parts water at room temperature for approximately 1 – 2 minutes of cleaning

Applications for VpCI® 426 Powder

Dose 7% by weight in water. Following corrosion removal we recommend you use VpCI 414 cleaner degreaser in a 1:5 product/water mix to rinse away an post work residue and prevent flash rusting on the newly clean surface

Liquid Properties

A colorless/clear liquid

Non-volatile contents @ 20 to 26%

9.9 to 9.1 lb/gallons of density

Powder Properties

White/beige in colour

A 2.5 to 3.5 PH level (1% aqueous)

Non-volatile contents @ 95 to 100%

Packaging & Storage

Cortec VpCI 426 in liquid form is readily available in 5 gallon (19ltr) pails as well as 55 gallon (208ltr) drums.

Cortec VpCI 426 anti corrosion powder coating can be provided in 5lb (2.3kg) & 50lb (23kg) bags.

Consider using in conjunction with other flexible packaging products such as Cortec VpCI 126 blue bags.

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