Corwipe® 300 & 500 | Anti Static, Rust Removal, Cleaner Degreaser & Multi Metal Corrosion Inhibitor Wipes

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Corwipe® 300 & 500 Anti Static Wipes – revolutionary patented heavy duty cleaner degreaser wipes that are designed to clean, protect and maintain sensitive metal part surfaces.

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Corwipe® Anti Static Wipes are a revolutionary anti static design designed to remove oil & grease as well as light rust.

Corwipe® anti static wipes (US Patent ~5,854,145) are designed to give surfaces both a thin protective anti static and VpCI (vapour phase corrosion inhibitor) film layer. This static dissipative film drains the charge when grounded. Triboelectric voltage is reduced to less than 300 volts.

They are designed for use in both industrial and commercial environments being an effective cleaner when used on machinery, equipment, tools, productions lines and electronics. The Corwipe design is non-hazardous containing an ‘active’ water based solution that is non toxic and safe for skin.

These wipes show both cleaner degreaser and anti static properties. The thin film of VpCI corrosion inhibitors leaves treated metal surfaces with outstanding corrosion protection.

Corwipe 300 & Corwipe 500 Anti Static Wipes

These wipes are available in two sizes. EIther the smaller Corwipe 300 (72 wipes per container) or the larger Corwipe 500 (25 wipes per container) .

Produced from an ultra robust non-woven fabric towel these wipes are hard wearing and difficult to rip even.

Both provide outstanding corrosion and anti static protection with the

Applications for Corwipes®

Corwipe is designed to protect/maintain metal component parts and assemblies such as –

  • Precision parts that may be coated with waxes and pre-treatments
  • Static sensitive devices
  • Power tools
  • Aviation and satellite equipment
  • Data storage equipment
  • PC motherboards, circuit boards and terminal blocks
  • Power and audio outlets
  • Military equipment and munitions

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