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Cortec® VpCI® 126 is available in a variety of sizes & formats from stock.

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Valdamark’s range includes a comprehensive selection of VPCI 126 blue zip lock bags, gusseted bags, UV shrink film rolls, sheeting, tubing & emitters.

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Technical data sheet in .pdf format


Technical data sheet in .pdf format


Technical data sheet in .pdf format


Cortec VPCI 126 ® (Vapor phase corrosion inhibitor) is a line of high performance packaging films that provide your metal products with the world’s most effective corrosion protection.

Cortec VPCI 126 is effective against all the usual corrosion culprits including rust, marine air, oxidation and white rust for a period of up to 5 years. Once your goods are hermitically sealed in one of the packaging formats, either bag, pouch or film it is easy as that to ensure your valuable products are protected into the long term! Effectively Cortec VPCI 126® replaces the need for conventional rust prevention methods like oils and desiccants. Further savings can also be achieved with a Cortec corrosion solution in that VPCI® eliminates the need for degreasing or coating removal procedures that would have been required previously.

Cortec VPCI 126 blue is transparent making parts identification an easy process. Furthermore the material is amines, phosphates and halogen free. It’s also 100% recyclable and completely non-toxic – making it safe to whoever is handling it! This series of films is available as standard in stock zip lock bags or it can be converted into a variety of shapes, formats and sizes. Suitable for protecting small metal parts all the way up to large items that may require a container liner for ocean going journeys. The VPCI 126 blue film uses the most advanced resins & raw material to give you the best performance as standard. For projects that require a more technical solution we can produce custom constructions to your exact requirements. Whether you require improved tear & puncture resistance or moisture barrier properties we can tailor a VPCI film to suit.

Cortec VCI Bags for Corrosion Protection

Cortec VPCI 126 Blue is able to protect metal parts packaged from salt, excess humidity, atmospheric hazards, condensation and moisture damage. Once enclosed in your package the VPCI corrosion inhibitor formula evaporates and condenses onto the surface of your parts. This includes hard to reach parts and areas within your product too! VPCI offers market leading, best in class protection for both the exterior of your product and those ‘hard to reach’ interior spaces as well. The VPCI® system is designed to act well into the long term. Unlike alternatives VPCI 126 blue bags will protect your goods both during transport and storage. Whether your goods are travelling domestically or overseas the level of protection offered from VPCI can effectively eliminate any damaged or defected product claims due to rust.

Environmental Awareness & Recyclability

Cortec VPCI 126 blue has been approved by a world renowned institution with regards to the efficient recycling and disposal of all packaging materials containing Cortec proprietary formulas. The research, developments and production of environmentally sustainable corrosion inhibitor products is a core commitment for Cortec. Typically the VPCI 126 blue film is produced from a minimum of 20% recycled content. As standard these products are fully recyclable thus improving your brands environmental credentials even further.

Metals protected by Cortec VPCI 126

  • Aluminium
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Silicone Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Cast Iron

Sizes & Constructions

Cortec VPCI 126 blue is a heat sealable product. It can be used with various packaging machinery but for optimal seal quality take a look at our ISZ impulse heat sealer machines. These devices are market leading featuring no heat up time whilst producing consistent welds for every seal cycle.

We stock a variety of VPCI 126 blue zip lock bags in various sizes including –

VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 3.25″ x 5″ (5000 bags per box) (80mm x 130mm)
VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 4″ x 6″ (2000 bags per box) (100mm x 150mm)
VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 6″ x 8″ (1000 bags per box) (150mm x 200mm)
VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 8″ x 10″ (1000 bags per box) (200mm x 250mm)
VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 10″ x 12″ (1000 bags per box) (250mm x 300mm)
VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 10″ x 14″ (1000 bags per box) (250mm x 350mm)
VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 12″ x 12″ (1000 bags per box) (300mm x 300mm)
VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 12″ x 18″ (500 bags per box) (300mm x 450mm)
VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 18″ x 24″ (250 bags per box) (450mm x 600mm)
VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 24″ x 30″ (125 bags per box) (600mm x 750mm)

Cortec VPCI 126 Shrink Film

This shrink film utilizes the latest film material technology to give your valuable metal products the most effective rust protection. Cortec VPCI 126 shrink film protects a wide variety of metals from the usual corrosion culprits for up to 5 years. These include rust, oxidation, tarnish and staining. As with other Cortec corrosion solutions there is no need to use legacy rust prevention methods such as oils & desiccants. Here the ‘value equation’ of VPCI 126 really proves itself with further cost savings for the end user. This shrink film is transparent allowing for easy viewing and inspection of the parts within. In addition, this product does not contain phosphates, amines or halogen-based materials. Non-toxic & recyclable.

Available Stock Sizes –

VpCI®-126 Blue Shrink Film Roll 20′ x 100′(6.1mtr x 31mtr) 6mil / 150µm
VpCI®-126 UV Blue Shrink Film Roll 20′ x 100′(6.1mtr x 31mtr) 10mil / 200µm

Cortec VPCI 126 Tubing

This tubing is manufactured using the same high-quality, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) & VPCI corrosion inhibitor formula found in our 126 blue bags. Multimetal VPCI (vapor phase corrosion inhibitors) like this can protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion accelerators. Sealing your product inside this tubing gives protection from rust, tarnish, stains and oxidation for up to 5 years. The tubing format allows for especially good VPCI distribution once parts are sealed inside. Along with the excellent HDPE moisture barrier properties the cylindrical shape is such that it allows the VPCI to volatize and migrate to the surface of the metal part with ease. Perfect for those parts awkwardly sized or with ‘hard to reach’ interiors. This tubing is lightweight and recyclable. Despite this the VPCI tubing remains largely unaffected by most solvents, acids and alkalis. Parts can be packaged immediately with no need to pre treat with degreasing or cleaning.

Available Stock Sizes –

VpCI-126® Tubing 6″ x 1000′ (150mm x 300 linear mtr) 4mil
VpCI-126® Tubing 12″ x 1000′ (300mm x 300 linear mtr) 4mil

Cortec VPCI 126 Gusseted Bags

The gusseted bags series from Cortec is one of the most popular formats in the VPCI 126 range. These bags are designed to protect all metals from corrosion damage. Both ferrous and non-ferrous. The VPCI corrosion inhibitor formula is renowned for its ability to reach every part of your product, this includes the hard to reach, interior surfaces as well as the exterior. Easy to use these bags make conventional rust prevention methods like oil preventative unnecessary. As VPCI 126 gusseted bags can act as a standalone, primary layer of protection you will benefit from reduce labour costs as no time-consuming pre-treatment or laborious coating removal process is required. The bags come perforated on a roll allowing for easy access, as with all VPCI 126 products they remain harmless to whoever is handling them. Cortec VPCI 126 Gusseted bags provide complete protection for goods travelling domestically or overseas. In addition, we also stock container liners for ocean going freight as well as perforated sheeting for projects which require this. Antistatic (ESD) can also be produced as well various coextruded constructions depending on your project requirements. The VPCI formulation can also be adjusted to produce to an Opaque formulation if required. In terms of thickness Cortec VPCI film is available in a variety of thickness gauges ranging from 2 to 10 mm (50-250 micron). Widths to suit larger objects can be produced from 3” to 32” (7.6cm – 9.7mtr).


Packaging & Storage

To ensure optimal product performance store VPCI 126 blue in its original packaging format, indoors and out of direct contact with sunlight. Between 40-100 °F (4 to 38 °C). VPCI 126 Blue has a shelf life of 2 years. FDA approved. These products are all heat sealable. For optimal seal quality used in conjunction with one of our heat sealers. For a handheld device consider one of our ISZ impulse sealer machines.

Additional information

VPCI Bag Size

VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 3.25" x 5" (80mm x 130mm), VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 4" x 6" (100mm x 150mm), VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 6" x 8" (150mm x 200mm), VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 8" x 10" (200mm x 250mm), VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 10" x 12" (250mm x 300mm), VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 10" x 14" (250mm x 350mm), VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 12" x 12" (300mm x 300mm), VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 12" x 18" (300mm x 450mm), VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 18" x 24" (450mm x 600mm), VpCI-126 Zip-lock bag 24" x 30" (600mm x 750mm), VpCI-126 Gusset bag 1200x1050x2000mm 100um, VpCI-126 Gusset bag 1520x1130x2400mm 100um, VpCI-126 Gusset bag 1275x870x1600mm 100um, VpCI-126 Gusset bag 360x250x600mm 2 mil, VpCI-126 Gusset bag 405x360x700mm 3mil, VpCI-126 Gusset bag 660x610x1060mm 4mil, VpCI-126 Gusset bag 1370x1110x2435mm 4 mil, VPCI-126 Tube 300mm x 300 linear mtr 4mil, VpCI-126 Tube 150mm x 300 linear mtr 4mil, VpCI-126 Blue Shrink Film 20' x100' (6.1m x 31m) 6 mil 150mic, VpCI-126 UV Blue Shrink Film 20' x100' (6.1m x 31m) 10 mil 200mic, VpCI 126 Film Roll 36" x 500' 4 mil 100mic, VpCI 126 Film Roll 48" x 500' 4 mil 100mic


1 x Box/Roll, 5 x Boxes/Rolls, 10 x Boxes/Rolls

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