VpCI® Bags & Film

Cortec VpCI Bags are premium products that contain the revolutionary Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor technology developed by Cortec Corporation.

VCI is a generic term that described a ‘volatile corrosion inhibitor‘ or ‘vapor corrosion inhibitor’ (VpCI®). Generally speaking this technology has simplified the rust and corrosion protection process in recent times.

Cortec VCI BagsCortec VpCI Bags and film use a dual process to prevent the corrosion of metals through either through direct contact or through the vapour phase mechanism of action.

Where VpCI plastic is in direct contact with the metal, the parts essentially ‘stick’ to the metal surface creating a thin, protective mono layer that creates an invisible barrier against usual atmospheric, corrosion causing hazards like oxygen, salt water, marine air, gases, chlorides and moisture in general.

Once vaporized the VpCI molecules disperse themselves throughout the packaging or enclosure, also forming a protective layer over metal surfaces that are not in direct contact with the VpCI Film.

Once opened the VpCI molecules evaporate away. They remain harmless to whoever is handling them and do not necessarily require use with other coatings and cleaner degreasers.

VpCI can be considered a far superior product to traditional VCI and other rust prevention methods.

Cortec VpCI Bags & Film Products

Cortec VpCI 126

High performance, sophisticated corrosion inhibitor film that protects sensitive metal parts from all types of corrosion including rust, staining, tarnishing and oxidation during transport of storage. Perfect for overseas export shipping it is also fully recyclable.

VpCI 126 Shrink Film (HP UV)

This shrink film combines a high strength resin formula with ultraviolet (UV) stabilisers and VpCI® technology. This film provides a multi metal protection for parts, equipment and vehicles exposed to harsh outdoor environmental conditions.

Unlike legacy films which rely on pigments for UV light reflection, VpCI 126 HP UV Shrink Film contains unique corrosion inhibitors that protect the polymer itself from UV exposure and degradation.

MilCorr VpCI Shrink Film  

MilCorr® is a heavy duty moisture barrier film that prevents rust & corrosion occurring on a variety of metals. Milcorr works through contact, barrier and the vapour phase action for effective, long term rust control.

Milcorr performs well when used in harsh outdoor conditions.

VpCI 125 Static Dissipative Film & Bags

This VpCI Film combines enhanced multi metal corrosion protection with strong static dissipative performance qualities. VpCI® 125 is recommended for electronic packaging, printed circuit boards (PCB), communications equipment, electronics enclosure and circuit boxes.

For a complete solution consider other complimentary VpCI products including emitters and paper products.

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