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MilCorr Shrink Film CorrosionMilCorr Shrink Film Corrosion Solution for Assets in Harsh Storage Conditions

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A typical shrink film offers corrosion protection for both industrial and commercial assets. Cortec’s MilCorr® shrink film is the ideal corrosion solution for assets in storage or transit in an outdoor setting under harsh conditions.

Some outdoor storage conditions are certainly harsher than to others. A perfect example is how rusting is a problem in coastal areas than inland areas due to more moisture.

Other harsh storage conditions include aggressive industrial atmospheres and humid environments with salt air.

Why You Should Consider Using Cortec’s MilCorr® Shrink Film

Besides being tough, MilCorr® has some great features that make it the best corrosion solution for assets stored outside. Check them out:

  • MilCorr® contains a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCI). VpCI helps do away with traditional corrosion protection techniques, e.g., the application of oils and grease on metals’ surfaces which can be pretty messy.

MilCorr® VpCI® protects multi-metals by diffusing a molecular protection layer on the metals’ surfaces. It does so regardless of whether the metal parts are in contact with the film.

However, ensuring that your asset is correctly covered with MilCorr® shrink film is vital.

Put simply, MilCorr® VpCI® does away with messy traditional corrosion protection techniques. It also does away with cleaning off grease or oils using solvents that might harm a worker’s health before using the equipment again.

  • MilCorr® VpCI® film has ultraviolet light protection, which means that it is a heavy-duty outdoor corrosion protection film. UV light protection means that you can mothball assets, even under intense sunlight.

Also consider VpCI-126 shrink film where projects demand a high performance UV shrink film for outdoor-storage.

Using MilCorr® VpCI® is highly beneficial as the shrink film is effective, efficient, and versatile. It is a continuous economic solution to corrosion for multi-metals. It serves both as a corrosion inhibitor and a physical barrier.

Why Using the MilCorr® VpCI® Film is Beneficial

Using Cortec’s MilCorr® VpCI® film is easier than traditional corrosion protection methods.

Sealing the film activates the vapor phase corrosion inhibitor. It first vaporizes, then diffuses and condenses on the metal’s surface to protect against corrosion.

Most of these assets may require regular inspection. You do not have to remove the entire film to inspect the equipment because this film can be equipped with access panels. These panels are practical and convenient, allowing you to check the asset quickly.

After removing MilCorr® shrink film, you can use the asset immediately, i.e., without needing to clean their surfaces with solvents.

Versatile Applications of the MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film

MilCorr® VpCI® shrink film can certainly be used in an array of applications. This film’s usage primarily depends on the user’s preferences. You can use this shrink film to mothball assets stored outdoors or even assets in transit from corrosion and harsh storage conditions.

The film is ideal for use on both recreational and industrial assets. Here’s a real-life example of how MilCorr® VpCI® shrink film was used:

After the devastating category 4 Hurricane Harvey in 2017, an offshore rig survived and needed protection against corrosion. Experts used the MilCorr® VpCI® film, which proved highly effective and efficient.

The shrink film is indeed an effective corrosion solution for military vehicles stored in harsh coastal conditions. The film can also be used to mothball recreational assets such as yachts from harsh salt air that might cause massive corrosion.

Bottom line:

The application of the ​​MilCorr® VpCI® film depends on the user because it is robust, versatile, and durable.

How to Correctly Apply the ​​MilCorr® VpCI® Film

When applying the MilCorr® VpCI® film, you will need to cut the film according to your asset size. Ensure that the shrink film has sufficient overlap at the seams because that will help you seal the film correctly at the end of the application process.

After cutting, place the shrink film on a clean and dry area. Proceed to place your asset on top of the film. We strongly recommend padding your equipment on its sharp edges – it will help prevent damage to the film, e.g., small holes.

You can attach the film’s loose ends either on the film itself or your asset by using shrink tape. Complete the application process by carefully applying heat which will seal the overlaps at the seams and shrink the film to fit.

If you need to inspect your asset periodically, consider getting MilCorr® with access panels.

Making Sense of it All

MilCorr® VpCI® shrink film is ideal for corrosion protection for recreational and industrial assets. This film has proven effective in protecting assets against harsh storage conditions.

Critical institutions, e.g., the military, have used it several times on crucial assets that needed mothballing. It has also been used to preserve an offshore rig that survived hurricane Harvey from corrosion.

The film has excellent features that do away with traditional forms of corrosion protection on assets. It is also robust, versatile, and durable. You can get a film with access panels which are practical and convenient when inspecting your assets.

Here’s the deal:

MilCorr® VCI shrink film is effective, versatile, and easy to use. It will protect your assets from both corrosion and harsh storage conditions.


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