VCI Shrink FilmsMetal packaging using VCI shrink films is quickly gaining popularity. As such, Cortec® Corporation has designed a custom shrink film that can be sealed by heating using automated machines and shrink tunnels.

It, therefore, means that metal packaging is now easier – similar to how easy it is to package a new board game inside a shrink film. Additionally, this metal packaging method offers corrosion protection to the metals.

Cortec Corp

VCI Shrink Films & VpCI® 126 

VpCI®-126 contains a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCI), primarily used for metal packaging in an industrial setting. This film is industrial strength and can also be used to protect parts in transit from corrosion.

VpCI works by diffusing and condensing the metal parts’ surfaces, forming a molecular protective layer against corrosion. One of the most beneficial advantages of using VpCI 126 VCI Shrink films is that they are tough enough to withstand industrial wear and tear, even in harsh outdoor storage conditions common in the sector.

However, standard VpCI-126 shrink film is too tough for an automated shrinking machine or shrink tunnel to seal the film correctly. Therefore we recommend Cortec’s VpCI-126 shrink film.

This custom shrink film’s toughness is in between a standard VpCI®-126 and a thin shrink film used to package consumer goods with no corrosion protection features.

Metal Packaging Shrink FilmWhy the Custom VpCI®-126 Metal Packaging Film is Beneficial

The real-life example below shows how this custom film is advantageous.

Automotive filters, generally, are metallic and require a significant amount of corrosion protection. As such, a filter manufacturing company used generic VCI film to package these metal parts safely for transportation.

However, the company experienced many challenges, especially when sealing the packaging films, because their automated machines did not seal properly. Consequently, the packaging films ended up opening, leaving the filters exposed.

This issue further led to wasting resources and money because customers would ship back these filters as they had already corroded. In addition, the generic VCI films that they were plastic bags.

Plastic bags are not environmentally friendly, meaning that even after customers returned these filters, the company had to handle a lot of plastic waste.

The manufacturing company began using Cortec’s custom VCI film for metal packaging – the custom VpCI®-126. This metal packaging film eradicated all the issues that were experienced.

The custom film was compatible with their automated shrinking machine, meaning that metal packaging was now effective and efficient. Oil filters’ orders gradually grew as existing customers did not have to cancel and return their corroded filters.

It also did away with plastic waste since VpCI®-126 is easily recyclable. After some time, the automotive oil filter manufacturer adopted the custom VpCI®-126 for packaging other automotive parts.

Summing Up 

Cortec corporations efforts in developing a custom VCI film (VpCI®-126) has significantly advanced metal packaging. The custom packaging film differs from the standard VpCI®-126 because the former is not as tough as the latter.

The custom film’s toughness is between the standard film and a typical consumer packaging film that does not need corrosion protection. In addition, both VCI films offer corrosion protection to metal parts because they contain a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor.

Since the custom VpCI®-126 metal packaging film is not that tough, the sealing process can be automated. Automation does away with mundane tasks (such as the manual heat sealing of metal packaging films) that often reduce worker productivity.

Cortec’s custom VpCI®-126 shrink film is ideal for metal packaging. It is both practical, economical, and environmentally friendly. You can reach out to us today for more information on this product and other products from Cortec® Corporation.