How VpCI Works For Long Term Preservation

How VpCI Works for Long Term Preservation 

Cortec VpCI VpCI stands for Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor – an effective and economical corrosion solution. When VpCI activates, it diffuses and condenses an invisible molecular layer of corrosion protection on metal parts surfaces.

The layer of protection is not harmful and does not affect the functionality or performance of the protected metal components. Therefore, it does away with the need to clean parts’ surfaces before using them. It is an effective product for long-term corrosion protection of multi-metals. VpCI® protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals in storage and transit from corrosion

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Consider reading the following example of the effectiveness of Cortec VpCI® ; 

A manufacturer needed to store turret brakes for an undetermined duration before shipping the parts to Singapore from North America. Since the storage duration was unknown, the manufacturer decided to protect the brakes with corrosion inhibitors from Cortec® Corporation to protect during storage and transport to ensure goods were received in first class condition.

Cortec VpCI® Products Used for Corrosion Protection 

The manufacturer estimated the waiting duration to be at least one year, meaning t a long-term corrosion solution needed to be found. The manufacturer sprayed the parts with VpCI®-368, an easily removable corrosion protection coating.

The VpCI®-368 is a temporary corrosion protection coating. It helps protect metal parts from harsh outdoor storage conditions and is quickly removable by applying an alkaline degreaser like VpCI​​-414 cleaner.

After the application of VpCI®-368, the manufacturer proceeded to add an extra layer of protection by mothballing the parts in VpCI 126 shrink film. The parts were already inside a pallet, meaning that wrapping was done on the pallet.

In addition to manufacturing turret brakes, the manufacturer wanted to protect control panels and spare parts from corrosion. The manufacturer used VpCI®-308 pouches to protect these spare parts and control panels from damage.

VpCI®-308 pouches are made from breathable Tyvek®, ideal for protecting ferrous metals from corrosion. Standard pouches protect one-meter cubic. However, since different industries have unique products, custom pouches are also available.


After applying Cortec VpCI® products, the manufacturer was comfortable with the level of corrosion protection on the turret brakes, control panels, and spare parts. The parts were eventually transported to Singapore, and upon arrival, there was no sign of corrosion.

Considering this above example, it is logical to conclude that the Cortec® Corporation produces effective and eco-friendly corrosion protection products. There are two primary factors that determine which Cortec® products an industry is going to use:

  • How long does an industry intend to store metal components?
  • How harsh is the environment an industry intends to store metal components?

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