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industrial stretch filmUsing an eco-friendly industrial stretch film is way more beneficial than plastic ones with regard to corrosion protection and environmental impact. Cortec’s commitment to developing environmentally friendly products has helped develop Eco Wrap®.

Cortec CorpUtilising their knowledge and expertise built around VpCI preservation Eco Wrap® is an eco-friendly industrial film used to protect metal components from corrosion. It helps industries do away with traditional plastic stretch films, which are not usually environmentally friendly.

The best part about using Eco Wrap® is that you can use it to protect parts in storage or transit. When packaging metal components in a pallet, you’ll certainly need to ensure that the wrapping is tight.

Cortec’s Eco Wrap® will not tear when you increase tension during packaging because of its extreme elasticity feature. The film can also be used by automatic packaging machines, saving you a lot of time and energy.

After use, the film can be disposed of as environmentally friendly industrial waste in a composting environment. Check out out our atricle on EcoFilm compostable film for indurtrial applications.

How “Green” is the Eco Wrap® Eco-Friendly Industrial Stretch Film?

Cortec Eco LogoCortect’s commitment to developing eco-friendly corrosion prevention products is well proven thanks to this stretch film packaging. After using this eco-friendly industrial stretch film, industries can dispose of it in a commercial composting environment as it meets ASTM D6400 requirements for commercial composting.

When industries send this film to recycling plants, it gets turned into a soil amendment, meaning that it is easily disposable. This film is more economical than plastic stretch films, as you will find out in the next section of this post.

It is important to note that Eco Wrap® is shelf-safe. It will not start decomposing until it is exposed to a compostable environment. Cortec® Corporation is committed to producing more eco-friendly products to help combat corrosion as well as environmental pollution.

Commercial CompostingBenefits of Using Eco Wrap®

There are three primary benefits of using Eco Wrap that could significantly positively impact a wide range of industries. Check them out:

  • Its elasticity significantly reduces the amount of film you will use during packaging without leaving your metal parts semi-exposed.
  • Reduces costs – Industries do not need to worry about getting rid of plastic waste as Eco Wrap® can be disposed of in a commercial composting environment.

It is important to remember that using plastic stretch films is expensive to use, especially because of the increased taxes and governmental restrictions.

  • You get to save our fragile environment by doing away with traditional plastic stretch wrap using an eco-friendly stretch film.

In addition to these three benefits, Eco Wrap® also saves packaging time as automatic packaging machines can use it. This eco-friendly stretch film is usable in many industries apart from wrapping metal parts in a pallet.

Eco Wrap® is an effective stretch film in the agricultural sector. It is popularly used to wrap products such as hay, lumber, etc. It is also usable in wrapping luggage in airports, wrapping furniture for moving families, wrapping construction materials, etc.

Making Sense of Eco Wrap® Eco-Friendly Stretch Film

Cortec’s Eco Wrap® stretch film is a game changer in the packaging industry. It is effective and widely usable in different sectors. Additionally, this stretch film is also environmentally friendly and robust enough to protect parts in storage and transit from corrosion.

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