Cortecs New VCI FilmCortecs new VCI Film is the result of a steadfast commitment to developing environmentally friendly corrosion protection products

Cortec CorpThe new Corshield® VpCI-220E is the latest VCI film that takes eco-friendliness to a different level as it contains 30% post-consumer recycled content.

This film advances the circular economy goal as it already contains the minimum requirements outlined by the U.S. Plastics Pact. This pact requires products to attain at least 30% of either biobased or recycled content by 2025.

In addition, the CorShield® VpCI®-220E has already attained the European Union’s set target for 2030.

Corshield® VpCI®-220E is an effective corrosion solution as well as an eco-friendly product.

Industries can use this film or bag to package their metal components to protect the components from corrosion.

How Effective is CorShield® VpCI®-220E?

The Corshield® VpCI®-220E is highly effective with regard to, corrosion protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Industries that deal with multi-metals could benefit a greatly by using this paper as it eliminates many types of rust.


Corshield® VpCI®-220E contains a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor. The film works by diffusing and condensing a molecular layer of protection on the surfaces of metal to protect from corrosion.

This functionality eliminates traditional forms of corrosion protection that are messy, inconvenient, and pose a health risk. Traditionally, industries would apply grease and oils on the surfaces of metal to protect the metal components from corrosion.

This process was quite inconvenient because it would require the metal components to be cleaned first before using strong solvents which proved to be a health risk to workers

Corshield® VpCI®-220E is convenient and safe for workers as an end user can use metal components, e.g., brake discs immediately after unpacking as components do not need to be cleaned first.

Cortec VCI Poly BagsWhy Industries need to consider using Cortecs new VCI Film

Corrosion continues to be a great menace to most industries that deal with metal components. A recent study carried out by NACE International suggests that corrosion sets back industries about $2.5 trillion USD, the equivalent of 3.4% of the global GDP.

In addition, corrosion is a key contributor to energy and time inefficiencies. It forces industries to scrap and replace corroded metal components, meaning that more energy and labour is required to produce new parts.

It, therefore, means that corrosion is a serious issue that needs to be handled before it starts. Most metal parts that are prone to corrosion are components in storage or transit. There are certain factors that enhance corrosion including moisture, oxygen, humidity, salts, marine air and high temperatures.

Using this new Corshield VpCI film from Cortec® Corporation is an effective and economical corrosion solution. The biggest advantage of using this film is that it does not limit industries to use with only small metal components.

Industries can also use the film to mothball big, idle assets for corrosion protection on a long-term basis.

How Cortec’s New VCI Film Impacts the Environment

Cortec Eco Logo

As you read earlier in the beginning of this article, Cortec Corporation is committed to producing environmentally friendly corrosion solution products. As such, Cortec® began adding film scrap (repro) during the production phase of their recyclable VCI films.

Cortec® additionally patented the idea of using VCI films with recycled material. This move has since enhanced the circular economy. It, therefore, means that Cortec’s partners in Europe and the U.S. can send clean and used VpCI-126 films back to EcoCortec® and Cortec® plants.

These plants then reprocess the films to make the Corshield® VpCI®-220E containing 30% post-consumer recycled material. Cortec® Corporation has taken recycling to a whole new level that impacts the environment positively.

Making sense of it all

Corshield® VpCI®-220E film is an effective and eco-friendly solution towards combating corrosion which continues to be a great menace to most industries. This film contains 30% post-consumer recycled material – taking recyclability of VCI films to a whole new level.

This film is available for purchase from Cortec Corporation plants in the U.S. (Cortec®) and in Europe (EcoCortec®). You can additionally take part in the circular economy or learn more about this product by contacting us.