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VpCI 132® | VCI Foam | Anti Static Action Foam | 10 x 10″ (25 x 25cm Individual Units)

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Cortec’s range of VpCI 130 VCI Foam offer market leading, multi functional performance. The dual desiccant and antistatic actions are further enhanced by the patented VpCI vapour phase corrosion inhibitors. Available as standard pre-cut sizes they can also be made to order in custom shapes & sizes.

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Our range of VCI Foam products focusses on the market leading range of VpCI 130® ESD Foam Inserts.

These ‘best in class’ VCI Foam products are multi functional benefiting from the outstanding corrosion protection offered from the VpCI® (Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) formula with the enhanced benefit of desiccant and an antistatic action.

These unique flexible packaging foams combine VpCI protection, Desiccant action and anti static ESD protection into one, easy to use VpCI emitter product.

VpCI 130 effectively eliminates the need for legacy rust prevention methods such as degreasing or coating removals. This multi functional product can result in significant bottom line savings for weight and labour.

When packaged with VpCI 130 products your sensitive metal parts will receive continuous protection from the common atmospheric hazards such as humidity, salt air, galvanic corrosion and other industrial or manufacturing atmospheres or impurities.

Features of VpCI® VCI Foam

Cortec VpCI 130 foams are impregnated with the VpCI corrosion inhibitor formula throughout the foams polymeric substrate. The 130 series is a multi metal VCI foam meaning it is compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals alike. Alloys such as copper, brass, aluminium, solder, silver and zinc also work well with the 130 range.

Metals protected include –

  • Aluminium
  • Carbon Steels
  • Brass
  • Solder
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Silver
  • Copper & Zinc


All VpCI 130 foam products are free from nitrates and chromates. The high performance, patented VpCI® formula provides fast acting, continuous protection that is easy to apply and use. VpCI has been tested extensively in the harsh condition & climates that goods travelling through the supply chain may encounter. This makes the VpCI series very suitable for overseas export packaging, particular when goods may in an aggressive environment.

Each product contains approximately 10 x times the amount of active VpCI® formula per square foot (or meter) of substrate than that of other corrosion prevention solutions including VCI paper and other anti corrosion wrapping paper products.

The VpCI itself works in a unique way with this product. High and low pressure VpCI molecules afford long term protection as an export packaging material. This makes these products ideal for objects and products with larger surface areas such as plywood boxes and larger oceangoing containers.

Often VCI Foam products are combined with other products such as VpCI 126 Shrink Film and other VCI Emitters to create an optimal packaging solution.

VpCI 130 foams have been tested to MIL PRF 26514G, Type 3, Class II.

How to Apply

VpCI 130 foams form a strong layer of protection as a standalone product, but please ensure there are no barriers or obstructions between the VpCI molecules and the metal surface itself. Where the foam insert is positioned/placed is not important as the VpCI molecules essentially evaporate and share the same air space as the metal within the enclosure.

This product is not intended to be used as standalone cushioning. Where this is key consider the range of VpCI 150 & 170 adhesive foam tapes.

VpCI 130 chart

Of our standard pre-cut VCI foam inserts the VpCI 132 featured on this page provides the largest protection radius. If you require a smaller substrate consider either the VpCI 131 antistatic foam or the VpCI 133 .

VpCI 130® products have a shelf life of 2 years when sealed in their original packaging. To maintain the strength of the active molecules the foam should be kept sealed in plastic bags between uses.



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Size & Quantity

VpCI® 132 Foam Pads 10×10" (25 x 25cm) / 1 x 250 Piece Box, VpCI® 132 Foam Pads 10×10" (25 x 25cm) / 5 x 250 Piece Box

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