VPCI Paper

Cortec VpCI® paper is one of the leading Corrosion Protection products that is effective and economical.

Here we look at some of the benefits of using VpCI paper on Metal components:

Often paper solutions are overlooked for other corrosion protection products such as the VpCI® packaging film.

However, that does not mean that the paper is less effective than other rust preventative products. This post takes an in-depth look at why using VpCI packaging paper as a corrosion protection method is highly beneficial for many industries.

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Benefits of using VpCI paper on metal components: 

Eco-Friendly Industries, as well as end users, need to understand that our environment is fragile. Therefore, before using certain products, it would be best to know their impact on the environment.

Cortec’s VpCI paper and several other products from Cortec® Corporation are eco-friendly. This paper, in particular, is USDA certified – it has 92% bio-based content, which makes it recyclable, unlike corrosion-preventative plastic bags.

Corrosion Prevention through Moisture Absorption

VpCI® paper is an ideal corrosion solution for metal parts as it absorbs environmental moisture. This feature keeps metal components clean and dry, therefore, preventing corrosion.

It is important to note that VpCI films and bags do not have this feature.

Benefits of using VpCI paper on metal components is ideal for short-term usage.

Reinforced Paper

Most industries use this paper to separate metal components stacked in a pallet. This separation method has three primary benefits:

  • It absorbs moisture from the environment for parts in storage or transit.
  • It separates metal parts from each other, therefore, preventing dissimilar metal corrosion.

VpCI® Paper Cushioning Effect

In addition to being environmentally friendly and a good corrosion protection product, this paper has a cushioning effect on metal components.

Industries could benefit greatly from this feature as the paper prevents minor damages to precision metal components, e.g., bearings. Examples of minor damages include scratches, nicks, small dents caused by metal-to-metal impact, etc.

In addition, industries can use the reinforced paper to wrap metal components of different shapes and sizes.

Making Sense of it all

Using the VpCI® paper on metal parts is beneficial. Although industries may often overlook it, it remains one of the most effective and economical corrosion solutions. However, this paper is recommended for short-term usage only.

If you intend to protect metal components from corrosion on a long-term basis, consider using VpCI films or bags.

VpCI® paper is highly beneficial because it is an effective corrosion solution and has a cushioning effect on metal components. It is also economical to the end user, mainly because it is environmentally friendly – this paper is recyclable.

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