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When businesses chooses to experiment with a methodology like Usability Testing, the chances are that they are not that familiar with it. Probably one of the biggest challenges facing those brave enough to experiment with User Testing is choosing the right service.

Quantrics clients come from businesses both small and large, but the feedback we receive tells us that our Usability product is different.

Different because the next biggest challenge after you have chosen the right service is not to do with the quality of the data itself. Or the feedback you receive. Instead its the extraction and presentation aspect of all these numbers and statistics that you get back.

I mean think about it. The goal of any business looking for a return on their Usability investment.

This is the prospect of extracting meaningful Usability insight. Furthermore they want this insight and data to be actually used and applied in the business decision making process.

It’s likely that to get the funds you need in the first place for User Testing, you had to go up the ladder and convince your boss of the benefits. The last thing you want is to leave yourself and your co-workers feeling deflated when all you are left with is either a pile of statistics or a bunch of videos.

By videos and piles of data I’m talking about the other services out there. In my opinion the majority aren’t fit for purpose. Now you probably thinking ‘yes you would say that’, but think about? The problem with the current Usability Testing services out there isn’t the cost, it the quality.

By that I mean in the real world no one wants to be trawling through video testing material to extract, quantify and present the data to management themselves. Why should they?

At the other end of the scale you wouldn’t need to do that with a User Testing consultancy, but you would certainly pay a price equally as inconvenient for it.

In excess of $20,000 is not unheard of.

Usability Testing in 2015

So what does good User Testing look like? Well its the full package. Here at Quantrics we believe that in order to bring Usability Testing to the wider audience it deserves. Its the responsibility of the industry to unwrap the current packaging and make testing models suitable.

The Quantrics analysis takes advantage of Usability survey technology to bring you a product that costs you the client less, but gives you so much more.

In the first place those who see Usability Testing as the way to improve their products and services also recognize that its a subjective analysis that when all said is just individual user opinions. What they want is a Usability overview that reports back their Usability strengths and weaknesses.

It also compares them to their competition. After all that’s the ultimate goal, to improve sales and gain a competitive advantage.

The clients who have invested in Testing User products already know their time is precious and want the data to be extracted, analysed and presented to them, all at a cost that doesn’t make the investment seem like a gamble.

The analysis does not require you to have any in-house Usability expert to advise us, you simply point the way and we do the rest.

After the short lead time of 3-4 days you will receive a 30 page report presented to you in a board room ready format.

So instead of having the headache of getting through video reports or having to part with vast sums of money for Usability Testing consultancy, you can sit back and have the Qauntrics teams experience become your advantage.

For more information on Usability Testing visit the Quantrics site to learn more about their unique approach.