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Terra Cycle seem to be working with everybody these days in order to reduce plastic packaging waste. 


The recycling company has just announced its partnership with UPS to launch a reusable eco packaging system called the ‘Loop’.


This was unveiled at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Customers get a choice of products that are delivered in bespoke, branded robust packaging. UPS then makes the delivery, collecting, cleaning, refilling and delivering again when needed. 


UPS do the delivery and collection while Terra Cycle takes case of the clean up aspect. 


The trial run is taking place in Paris & New York with New Jersey and Pennsylvania closely following. 


They are looking to launch Loop in the UK sometime during 2019. Following that Tokyo and California sometime in 2020. 


The goal is to drastically cut the single use packaging and head towards the circular supply chain model. UPS’S roll here is quite significant as they must both deliver and collect the packaging bags in a timely fashion. 


If not the circular supply chain model becomes more like a horseshoe. 


UPS have commented that in order for this to function a efficient logistics machine is needed to facilitate the model properly. 


Indeed UPS have become somewhat used to this cycle due to the high numbers of returns generated by E-commerce shopping. 


It would seem the real test comes when the packaging moves through the supply chain. Will it last through repeat exposure and usage?