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Universal Flexible Packaging is a market leading popcorn packaging manufacturer. They are hiring with creation of 50 jobs.

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Universal Flexible Packaging set to create 50 jobs in 2019

Its no secret that we have been experiencing somewhat of a health food craze for quite some time. It’s not just good news for peoples health though, Universal Flexible Packaging has announced it will create over 50 jobs ion 2019. 
This is thanks to the huge growth that is being experienced in the popcorn market. The jobs being created are said mostly to be high skilled manufacturing roles as well as some administrative posts too. 
Universal Flexible Packaging has a great reputation for its contract Bulk packaging for food as well as other export shipping services. This business sector alone is expected to rake in up to £25 million for the company. 
Bulding on this reputation the company expanded into popcorn packaging in 2010. 
Fast forward to today and universal does the popcorn packaging for several supermarket chains as well as multinationals and market leading brands. 
As well they also supply most of the UK’s leading coffee shop chains with there dried food stuff packaging. 
Universal Expanding!
Looking at how exactly this growth occured we asked John Harrison the companies commercial mortgages director.
He said they purchased their first machine for popcorn packaging five years ago. Since then it has been going from strength to strength.
Universal Flexible Packaging had done their homework too!
Popcorn is seen as a healthier alternative to other snacks so it was exponential growth was expected from the get go.
All different shapes and sizes are manufactured including single, sharing, multi and vendor packs. All done at their Lewisher Road plant. 
They invest £10 million last year in flexible foil packaging business. The Lewisher Road plant got £7.5 million increasing it to 4 production lines and over 100 members of staff.
Popcorn is expereicing rapid market growth. in 2016 it grew a ginormous 38% making it worth about £120 million just in the UK. 
Compare this to under £2 million 10 years ago.