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Uncle Dougie’s Organic BBQ sauce get the new innovative Standcap pouch packaging from Glenroy. A easy alternative to complication form fill seal pouches. 

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Uncle Dougie’s Organic BBQ sauce gets a taste of the new Glenroy Standcap pouch.


It’s innovation all round for Uncle Dougie’s and Glenroy. Uncle Dougie’s was on the look out for new product packaging that could really enhance their range of sauces. 


They turned to flexible packaging supplier Glenroy. The sauces have a loyal and committed following in both Canada and the United States thanks to a reputation for 100% natural ingredients free of preservatives and gluten. 


Original Uncle Dougie’s LLC boss Doug Tomek says they were into small batches before small batches was a ‘thing’. We like his style. 


Glenroy were looking for a brand owner client to partner with for their new StandCap foil pouch packaging launch.


The StandCap is an inverted pouch design that is both ready to use and cost effective. A great choice for those looking for entry into the pre made pouch packaging market. 


The pouch was unveiled at Pack Expo 2018 in Chicago, exhibited at multiple vendor stands it received great feedback. 


It looked like it was meant to be when Original Uncle Dougie’s announced its new range of USDA certified Organic BBQ sauces contained in a squeezable pouch. 


The StandCap became the standout solution when Uncle Dougie’s received feedback from customers frustrated they could not get the last 10% of sauce out of the glass or plastic bottles. 


This was a serious paint point for UD’s loyal BBQ sauce customers. As was the messy cap and spout. 


Four years in the making!


Rewind to 2015 and the worldwide debut of this type of pouch packaging with Daisy’s form fill seal products, Glenroy embark on

a long and painstaking research and development process.


It is also at this time Glenroy make the decision to bring pouch packaging manufacture in house along with the manufacturing of laminated aluminium foil packaging and rollstock products. 


The StandCap and inverted pouches in general were seen as an opportunity for Glenroy to reach out to smaller brands who cannot commit to form fill foil bags wholesale due to financial constraints. 


These pre-made StandCap versions offer significant cost saving per unit but also do not require capital expenditure on equipment like heat sealers and form fill machinery. 


As far as pouch packaging goes the inverted pouch design is a challenge to produce compared to standard pouches. 


There are many complexities that arise when working with form fill seal pouches, most commonly to do with the fitment loading area. 


With the new premade StandCap offering brands can focus on what they do best.