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The TIPA company, which provides eco-friendly compostable packaging to businesses around the world is looking for more funding. The money raised in their last round will help them continue expanding into new markets and worldwide distribution partners with plans to service every country globally. 

TIPA, a leading Israeli company in the field of plastic packaging technology raised $70 million dollars from Millennium Food-Tech and Meitav Dash who invested together 30%. Other strategic investors also include Migdal Group Insurance & Finance along with other international investors interested in cutting edge sustainable solutions to cure our planet’s packaging & sustainability woes.

The $103 billion market for consumer flexible plastic has been the target of TIPA’s focus. With growth expected in this industry, it’s time to move away from hard-to-recycle plastics and towards more sustainable options like their eco-friendly packaging solutions which have helped many brands such as Waitrose in the UK, build trust among shoppers. They continue to deliver their high quality foods whilst using compostable packaging that does not require additional preservatives or artificial flavors in order to provide substantial protection.

TIPA is committed to providing sustainable solutions for all of its partners. In early 2018, TIPA announced a strategic partnership with Amcor that will see them produce compostable packaging material in Australia and New Zealand using biodegradable polymers.

The recent, rapid increase in demand for sustainable packaging solutions from consumers has been paired with a sharp rise of concern over our environmental future. The Tipping Point Association’s CEO Daphna Nissenbaum said “our encounter with plastic pollution can no longer be ignored as it becomes more prevalent and alarming each day.” Newer alternatives are needed to replace these type of materials which fail and accumulate during recycling processes – something we’re already experiencing today! The message from shoppers around the world is clear – they want eco-friendly flexible packaging options.

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