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Tip N Tell labels have established themselves as the shipping and logistics industries choice consumable for ensuring goods stay horizontal when they are handled through the supply chain.

These bright red units are highly visible to the naked eye responding instantaneously to any change in stability which is outside the set 90 degree angle. Once this change occurs the beads will re position thus turning the arrow shape completely blue.

In addition to this the Tip N Tell units comes complete with an A5 warning label which the unit fits to companion label directly. This further enhances awareness that this is a monitored shipment and that both the courier and end user will be in no doubt as to whether or not poor handling has occurred.

They feature a self-adhesive strip for easy attachment but also they are designed to be fixed to your crate or shipping container by either nailing or stapling them.

Tip N Tell labels have many benefits for those shipping goods that need to be kept upright. Not only does it address the immediate problem that couriers and end users need to made aware of damage immediately but it demonstrates to clients that goods transport is taken seriously by your organisation.

Furthermore Tip N Tell Labels are easy to use and as well as the visual deterrence they give a level of accountability for shipments that would not otherwise be available.

Case Study: A recent project for a specialist LED lighting company required a two part shipment monitoring solution for shipping fragile custom made products to a client in the Far East.

First as we were shipping delicate items we were inclined to offer Drop & Tell Labels to deter and monitor any damage from poor handling.

As these products were case sensitive the stability of the product also needed to be monitored. Tip N Tell indicators were the obvious choice not only for ensuring the product does not fall below the 90 degree angle but also that the goods were traveling in quite large export crates. This means the screw fitting was preferred over the self-adhesive label for its durability. Both products supplied suited this brief perfectly.

The client was satisfied as damage to freight is a thing of the past for him. As a high volume shipper feedback suggests that he has experienced more ‘positive engagement’ from the freight shipping services that he employs. This is not an isolated case as we have heard numerous examples of where the client’s have invested in shipping labels and so as a result have encouraged their freight companies to ‘step up their game’ with regards to handling.

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