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If goods need to be kept upright in transit, use Tip N Tell indicators to ensure they arrive with your client defect free. Secure ordering. Fast Delivery.

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Valdamark Tip N Tell Labels are to be used when your goods need to be kept upright and horizontal when being transported or stored. 


Many of our clients have experienced problems with their valuable products being damaged in transit. 


They want goods to arrive with their customers defect free and in factory condition. Its no secret though that in today’s world of fast moving goods, third party couriers put emphasis on delivery speed. Rather than the quality of care shipments receive. 


Tip N Tell Indicators are brightly colored  self adhesive labels that attach easily to your package or container. Simply pull the pin and the unit is activated.


If the package falls below the 90 degree threshold the arrow will turn blue and give a clear indicator that your shipment has been mishandled. 


This is great not only to act as a visual deterrent for bad handling, but also it shows your clientele that you have a commitment to damage free shipping. Improving brand perception. 


They are cost effective enough to be used on all freight and give you piece of mind once the package leaves your premises. 


We supply Tip N Tell in box sets of 25,100,200 and 500. 


In addition we stock a variety of other damage prevention products including Shockwatch Labels, Tiltwatch XTR and Drop N Tell 


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